Touchdown! How to Have a Game Day Wing Party

Here’s the scene: Sunday afternoon, your living room, this fall. A group of people are anxiously clustered on the couch, shoulders hunched, straining forward to get a better view. Every few minutes, someone lets out a whoop!, and a collective high-five spreads around the room.

Welcome to football season, the most wonderful time of year. As fans gather on couches across the country to cheer their favorite teams on, the most important thing isn’t who wins--it’s what you’re eating when they do. And the winning snack is a simple choice: chicken wings.

No other food is as perfect for Game Day as wings--they’re a fast way to feed a crowd, they’re always finger-friendly, and they come in all sorts of flavors (much like your friend’s team loyalties). Fortunately, we’ve got something to please everyone this season, with six different wings available for delivery before kickoff.

There’s the Indian Spice Mix-laced Tandoori Wings, served with a zingy yogurt-lime dipping sauce on the side. Live on the edge? Try the Firecracker Wings, shot through with a spicy-sweet Sriracha-teriyaki sauce combo, or the habanero-and-spice-infused Grilled Jerk Wings with Mango Chutney Dipping Sauce, a twist on the usual hot sauce-slathered variety. Or keep it classic with Roasted Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese and Ranch Dressing, a touchdown of a flavor combination if there ever was.

All of the 24-piece wing recipes are easy to cook in the oven or on the grill--no deep-fryer required. Serve them alongside some sliced carrots and celery, ice-cold beer (pro tip: keep a cooler in the living room to avoid repeat trips to the fridge during key plays) and plenty of napkins. Round out the spread with some spiced nuts and/or chips and guac for good measure.
Piled high, a platter (or two!) of wings should last at least through halftime.