Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl

Sometimes, dinner is best served in a bowl—from burrito bowls to acai bowls and all one-bowl-wonders in between. They’re quick to make, easy to prep, and make dinner time a little but more convenient.

Are you looking for a simple dinner solution tonight? Try one of our top 10 dinners in a bowl!

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl You Can Make in 45 Minutes or Less

1. Asian Veggie and Pork Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Asian Veggie and Pork Bowl Meal Kit

Trying to cut down your carb intake? The Asian Veggie and Pork Bowl from Atkins is the perfect way to curb carbs, while still enjoying the convenience of a meal in a bowl. Stir-fried Crimini mushrooms, bok choy, Roma tomatoes, and chile’s come together in a brothy bowl to give you a modern spin on your typical weeknight soup.

2. Southwest Chicken Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Southwest Chicken Bowl Meal Kit

Love a burrito bowl, but hate having to go out to get one? Our Southwest Chicken Bowl meal kit comes straight to you—filled with all your favorite flavors. Hearty quinoa and grilled chicken create the base of this Spanish bowl, while creamy avocado, fresh corn, a kick of cilantro, and a spicy aioli come together to forge an unforgettable combination you’ll crave time and time again.

*Pro tip: Live alone? Want to keep all of the flavors in the bowl to yourself? Order our four serving option to tackle #mealprepmonday with ease. Have everything you need for pre-portioned lunches delivered, and in just 20 minutes, you’ll be the envy of the office all week long.

3. Apricot Glazed Mahi Mahi Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Apricot Glazed Mahi Mahi Bowl Meal Kit

Looking for a gourmet meal that you can whip up in just 20 minutes? This sweet and savory bowl is a perfect choice. Flakey Mahi Mahi is drizzled with a to-die-for apricot glaze that will not only satisfy your serious hunger but also impress your dinner guests.

4. Spicy Korean Pork Farro Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Spicy Korean Pork Farro Bowl Meal Kit

Think the bowl trend only extends to burritos? Think again! This Korean creation by our in-house culinary team transforms your average bowl into a deliciously beautiful power bowl. Farro, one of the most popular grains used in Korean cuisine, sets the stage for a beautiful sunny side egg to shine. Surrounded by veggies sautéed with fiery Gochujang paste, this flavorful bowl is a foodie’s dream.

5. Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl Meal Kit

Transport yourself to the islands of Greece with this light, flavorful farro bowl. Juicy cucumbers, bright tomatoes, and briny feta come together to create a meal that any Greek God or Goddess would love.

6. Flank Steak and Pepper Rice Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Flank Steak and Pepper Rice Bowl Meal Kit

Fueling up for a big race? Need an extra boost of protein in your life? Whatever the reason, this protein power bowl is both delicious and packed with the nourishment you need to conquer the day. Juicy flank steak, fresh corn, and crispy red bell peppers are the star of this dish, giving you the perfect combo of hearty and light flavors.

7. Salmon Teriyaki Bowl

Looking for a family friendly bowl? Raddish has brought a kid-friendly bowl that filled with delicious flavor that the whole family will love. Flaky salmon possess a light flavor that even the pickiest eaters will enjoy, and when drizzled with a savory teriyaki sauce, they’ll be begging to have it again.

Vegetarian Bowls

8. Asparagus and Mushroom Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Asparagus and Mushroom Bowl Meal Kit

Bowls are for vegetarians too! This veggie-packed bowl is one of our newest additions to our meal kit marketplace—and our customers love it! Earthy mushrooms and asparagus are lightened by a tangy lemon dressing that is sure to make your mouth water. At just a little over $10 a bowl for a family of four, you’ve got nothing to lose.

9. Pesto Quinoa Bowl with Avocado and Cherry Tomatoes

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Pesto Quinoa Bowl Meal Kit

Looking for a twist on quinoa? This bowl mixes the hearty grain with creamy pesto to create a seriously tempting dish. Accompanied with a hefty chunks of soft avocado and hard boiled egg and earthy spinach and crimini mushroom caps, this bowl is packed with rich flavor.

10. Sweet Potato & Black Bean Quinoa Bowl

Top 10 Dinners in a Bowl | Pesto Quinoa Bowl Meal Kit

We can’t get enough of sweet potatoes. They quick to prepare, packed with flavor, and fill you up without weighing you down. In this bowl, we’ve added heaps of these vibrant veggies with a plethora of southwestern flavors—black beans, corn, and a cilantro crema sauce that you’ll drool over.