Ticket to Cuba | Cuban Cuisine for Your Next Dinner Party

Don’t bother updating your passport. You can have extraordinary Cuban fare delivered right to your door. No boarding pass necessary.

Experience Cuba in Your Kitchen

Cuban food is a fusion like no other.

The history of Cuban food describes it as a special blend of Native American Taino traditions, Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences.

  Image Source:  National Geographic Kids

Because Cuba was once a bustling trading port, it became a space built upon many different cultures, from all over the world. Each culture brought their own culinary traditions which soon fused with the others to create what we know today as Cuban cuisine.

And with such a warm climate, Cuba is home to brightly colored and flavorful fruits and vegetables, which appear in most Cuban meals.

We’re lucky to have several Cuban meal kits, each unique in their own regard. Shake things up at your dinner party with a delicious Cuban dish that your guests will love.

Arroz Con Pollo — Chicken and Rice

Chicken and rice are both staples in Cuban food. When you put chicken and rice together in one meal, it’s a classic dish. Raise the stakes, and try Arroz Con Pollo that’s been homemade, and you’ll never settle for anything less again.

From Ana Quincoces, this meal sparks favoritism and nostalgia. And one of the best parts is that it only takes one pot to make, and that means fewer dishes to wash. Win, win.

Pasta with Ham and Pork Chorizo

The Pasta with Ham and Pork Chorizo recipe is another crowd-pleasing dish from celebrity chef, Ana Quincoces. If you’re a meat-eating foodie, then you will obsess over the Cuban custom of adding smoky Spanish sausage to an already rich Rigatoni and marinara pasta.

This recipe calls for you to mix in some mozzarella, plenty of parmesan, and a garlic infused baguette. It’s incredible.

Cuban Chicken Stir Fry

Cuba is known for its vibrant and flourishing vegetation.

Take the freshest and most colorful produce, sprinkle in some Tamari sauce and a bit of ground-up ginger root, and imagine the different flavors dancing with one another.

From the American Diabetes Association, this Cuban Chicken Stir Fry dish is both playful in flavor and hearty in health.

Are you dining with a vegetarian? This dish is still excellent without the addition of chicken because it’s loaded with nutrient-rich, plant-based foods.

Cuban-Inspired Turkey Picadillo

Picadillo is a beloved Cuban comfort food.

Comparable to American hash, picadillo is ground meat, tomatoes, seasoning, and a little bit of sweet—raisins—and a little bit of salty—olives. It’s a little bit of everything.

American Diabetes Association has a Cuban-Inspired Turkey Picadillo recipe that is health-conscious as well as filling. It takes most of what we love about picadillo and redefines it with a different base protein. It’s a great meal to eat if you’re trying to cut out or reduce your intake of red meat.

A Round Trip Ticket to a Cuban Dining Experience

If you were traveling to Cuba tomorrow, what would you want your first meal to be? Do you prefer beaches or rainforests? What’s your favorite fusion food? Have you ever been to an island? Start the conversation. Comment or leave a question.