The Best Ways to Use Cucumbers

Consider the cucumber: crisp and cool, it’s an essential player in the pursuit of texture, adding crunch and freshness to any number of meals. And on top of the crunch factor, it’s one of our favorite ways to add a pop of color to any plate.

Different recipes require different approaches to the slicing and dicing of a cucumber. Our spin on a classic Greek Chicken Salad with homemade pita chips calls for cutting the cubes into triangles,which  are the perfectly-sized vehicle for the bright, lemony dressing.

If, however, your cucumbers are going directly in to the dressing, as they do in Simon Majumdar’s Tandoori Shrimp with Cucumber and Mint Raita, a straightforward dice is your best bet to disperse the fresh cucumber flavor evenly across the sauce.

The Vietnamese Bun Cha, on the other hand, requires cutting cucumbers into matchsticks, which hold their shape and add visual flair to this structured multi-component noodle bowl.

And sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple, by leaving the cucumbers in whole rounds, sliced on the bias, which can easily stand as their own side – check out our Classic Grilled Cheese with Quick-Pickled Cucumbers – or as one part of a composed meal, like our Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl.

And remember, it’s okay to mix up your cuts every now and again – any way you slice it, cucumbers keep their cool.