Tablescape Ideas from the Editors at Pier 1

Hosting Thanksgiving this year? Now’s the time to start planning.

While this holiday tends to be super traditional, there’s always a way you can have some fun with it. Whether you’re hosting a huge family, an intimate event, or a casual Friendsgiving, you can showcase your personality through your tablescape.

3 Tablescape Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Dinner

This year, we’ve partnered with the leading home decor brand, Pier 1, to show a few fun examples of how you can decorate the table this Thanksgiving!

Mix & Match Friendsgiving

Tablescape Ideas from the Editors at Pier 1

Thanksgiving is more than just a time for family; it’s a time to gather the people we love the most. Friendsgiving has become one of our favorite parts of this major food holiday. Don’t get us wrong, we love our families, but gathering with friends to have a more casual celebration never lets us down.

Pier 1 has tons of great items for your Friendsgiving party. This is meant to be a fun, casual party with friends, so have some fun with your tablescape.

The editors at Pier 1 recommend doing a mix and match of decor. Blending traditional, seasonal, and everyday items can create a fun and eclectic dining space for your friends to celebrate each others company. Layering individual settings with chargers, seasonal plates, and personalized details like name cards is a great way to add even more personality to the setting.

Friendsgiving has a ‘the more the merrier’ vibe, so there’s bound to be last-minute guests. To accommodate their attendance, try using a blend of bench seating and comfortable chairs. Pier 1 is stocked with seating options that are perfect for large crowds.

Another thing we love about Friendsgiving is being able to enjoy a cocktail without the typical side-eye from mom and dad. At your party, try incorporating fun details like a bar cart with trendy serving wear like copper cups and shakers. Your guests will love to craft their own signature drinks with fun and sophisticated barware.

If you’re attending a Friendsgiving dinner, order a side dish from our Thanksgiving menu from Wolfgang Puck and become the holiday hero with your impressive dish. We’ll even let you take all the credit.

Intimate Gathering

Tablescape Ideas from the Editors at Pier 1

Thanksgiving is all about the food. If you’re hosting an intimate gathering, try keeping your tablescape simple and letting the food steal the show.

Remember simple does not have to mean boring.

Less is more when hosting a small crowd. Pier 1 has incorporated only a few elements to create a spectacular tablescape that features both fun and elegant decor. Hints of gold through silverware and slogan plates will help you celebrate this delicious holiday without too much distraction. You’ll set the scene for a delicious and welcoming party where you can truly enjoy the presence of the ones you love the most.

Traditional Family Feast

Tablescape Ideas from the Editors at Pier 1

Pier 1 has a series of Thanksgiving decor that is both simple and seasonal. Try serving food in simple plating for your traditional family feast—white ceramics are never a bad idea. Switching out your typical gravy boat with a fun pumpkin-themed boat and trying some accent chargers or plates is a great way to add some character to your table.

Updating your glassware and flatware to incorporate super on-trend gold accents will add even more elegance to your table, creating the perfect backdrop for your traditional family feast.

These simple switches to your traditional table setting will add elegance to your space without overwhelming it.

Start Planning Your Thanksgiving Dinner

Now that you have your Thanksgiving tablescape squared away, it’s time to start planning for the main event—dinner. Shop our entire Thanksgiving offering from chef Wolfgang Puck now and let us do all the hard work.