Shiver Me Timbers: Winter Seafood Dishes

It doesn’t have to be summertime to enjoy the delicacies of underwater cuisine. Even if you’re not currently sitting on an island, or smoothly gallivanting along the beach, you can still reap the delicious meals of seafaring cookbooks.

Eat like Poseidon—The Greek God of the Sea

In Greek folklore, Poseidon is the king of the sea. He’s the second most powerful Greek god, next to Zeus. He was known to have a hot temperament, and his trident was thought to be the cause of catastrophic earthquakes. We can only assume that a Greek god with such a mighty force would also have an appetite as major as his supremacy.

What would a Greek god like Poseidon enjoy more than homemade, gourmet inspired, scrumptious, freshly packaged seafood meals? Not much—nothing quite tops it.

Discover your inner sea god, (or goddess), and treat yourself to these seafood meal kits, any time of the year.

Ahoy, Ahi Poke

For an appetizer, this Ahi Poke certainly packs a punch. There is a medley of different flavors to enjoy, including chili oil, wasabi powder, fresh ginger, and of course, the big tuna, among other intricate tasting notes, like jicama and Asian pear.

If you’re cooking this for someone special, they will definitely think that you’re some sort of kitchen-savvy maven. Pair this dish with a glass of rose wine, and you’ve suddenly transformed your dining room into a seaside resort restaurant.

Ciao, Cioppino

This San Francisco-style Cioppino, by The James Beard Foundation, is inspired by Mediterranean bouillabaisse, which is a traditional Provençal fish stew. Made with black mussels, Chilean sea bass fillet, and shrimp, you get a little bit of the whole ocean, in one bowl.

With baguettes included in this meal kit, you can dip your heart out with hearty French bread, and soak up all of the juices so you don’t miss a bite. If you pair this dish with a chardonnay, you will notice that it’ll bring out even more of the intricate flavors.

Set Sail with New England Clam Chowder

This one's a classic, no matter the time of year — New England Clam Chowder. From Spoon Fork Bacon, this chowder takes it to the next level, because the meal kit includes sourdough bread bowls to use in lieu of your traditional dinnerware.

he bread bowl is perfect to chomp down, eat up, and use to scoop the bits and pieces of potato chunks, bacon, sweet corn, and briny clams that float in the creamy chowder like little treasures of yumminess.

Calm Seas with Linguine Clams

Linguine Clams are an Italian favorite.

seafood 14 canva.jpg

Eating this dish inspires sensory images of sitting at a petite luxurious restaurant in Cinque Terre, with a glass of pinot grigio in your hand, overlooking the azure sea from your table on the cliffside, where the salty, brisk air nips your rosy cheeks. With this meal kit, boil the linguine in the broth you create, and the noodles will absorb even more flavor.

Shipshape and Meal Kit Fashion

Don’t you wish that you were on an island somewhere, catching fish and slurping oysters? Does the idea of clam chowder make you want to cozy up with a plush blanket? What is your favorite underwater seafood meal? Let us know what you think, by leaving a comment below. And if you have any question, feel free to ask them, and we’ll be sure to answer back quickly.