Restaurant of the Month | RPM Italian

With a modern lens on traditional Italian cuisine, RPM Italian has become a favorite for any and all occasions.

Our acclaimed chef partner, Doug Psaltis leads the dual kitchens of RPM Italian in both Washington D.C. and Chicago, creating a wide variety of classic dishes that are meant to be shared. With celebrity couple, Bill and Giuliana Rancic by his side, these big personalities have gained big success throughout the restaurant landscape.

After the wild success of the first RPM Italian in Chicago, followed by RPM Steak, they set their sights on creating a new venue for RPM Italian that paid homage to their heritage. When the doors of RPM Italian in Washington D.C. opened, they knew they were onto something bigger than they had imagined.

Inside RPM Italian

RPM Italian

The restaurant boasted everything modern. Wedged in one of D.C.’s up and coming neighborhoods, the luxe exterior invites a new perspective on Italian dining—and it doesn’t stop there. The vast interior of RPM Italian holds true to their sleek design. The monochromatic decor allows the contrast of the vibrant ingredients of Italian cuisine to pop on the plate and steal the show.

Both the D.C. and Chicago restaurants have a beautiful aesthetic that allows for amazing views no matter where you sit, making every occasion feel like a celebration.

The sweeping bar lines the full backside of the interior and holds over 500 Italian and American wines and spirits. The restaurant’s cocktail program blends a classic style of bartending with modern techniques, creating unique signature beverages and putting an elegant take on timeless classics.

Now for the best part—the menu. Both RPM Italian locations show appreciation for Italian culture through their vast fresh menus. Everything is prepped and made in house—fresh pasta, fluffy doughs, mouth watering marinades, and perfect pastries.

On the Line with Chef Doug Psaltis

Doug Psaltis | Chef of RPM ItalianChef Doug Psaltis is one of the leading names in haute cuisine. From the start of his culinary career, Doug Psaltis has taken an affinity to expressive cooking techniques, working alongside renowned chefs in the world. Chef Psaltis creates his dishes with a sense of confidence that most chefs and restaurants strive to achieve. He prides himself on executing dishes in a clean, clear, and consistent manner, which allows diners to fall in love with his dishes over and over again.

RPM’s menu is pasta heavy—Carbonara, Pomodoro, Lobster Ravioli, Strozzapreti, Bucatini—you name it, you’ll find it in their kitchens. These simple dishes have become some of their most popular, and it’s no secret why—people love pasta. With fresh noodles made daily and only the best locally sourced ingredients, chef Doug Psaltis makes a simple dish complex, giving diners that relatable comfort with a new and exciting spin.

Bring RPM Italian Home

RPM Italian | Pesto Potato Gnocchi by Doug Psaltis

This month, we’ve partnered with RPM Italian and Doug Psaltis to bring one of their most popular meals from their renowned restaurant into your home. We snagged the secret recipe for their popular Pesto Potato Gnocchi pasta dish and we’re dying to share it with you.

Tender gnocchi creates the perfect canvas for Doug’s signature herb-infused pesto made with green onions, arugula, and sautéed garlic. Topped with savory Parmesan cheese and creamy goat cheese—this dish is supremely decadent and astonishingly easy to make.

Now, you can transport yourself to the swanky RPM Italian without leaving your kitchen. Everything is portioned, packaged, and ready to cook, allowing you to cook like a pro at home.

Transform your home into a modern Italian restaurant by ordering the Pesto Potato Gnocchi now!