Restaurant of the Month | Petit Crenn

Petit Crenn is San Francisco’s hottest new fine dining establishment. Why? Because of her—Dominique Crenn.

Dominique Crenn

Restaurant of the Month | Dominique Crenn

The two-Michelin-star and two-time James Beard Award semi-finalist chef has hit the ground running, opening up award winning restaurants and establishments all over the city. Her unique love of molecular gastronomy, passion for storytelling through poetry, and her culinary expertise have come together to create a truly beautiful dining experience unlike any other.

Petit Crenn is Dominique’s second fine dining establishment in San Francisco, coming to fruition after her wildly successful Atelier Crenn received its second Michelin star.

Dominique Crenn exudes personality, uniqueness, and profound culinary mastery which shows in every single dish she creates. At Petit Crenn, she’s taken some of her favorite memories with her mother and grandmother to create a light, fresh, and authentic menu that pays homage to her French heritage. The restaurant boasts a seven-course, seafood-centric family style tasting menu that Crenn says gives diners a connection with the earth. Lunch, brunch, and dinner menus are all composed of vegetables and fish with a biodynamic wine list, creating a natural menu that promotes a better understanding of what the earth can produce.

Inside Petit Crenn

Restaurant of the Month | Petit Crenn

Chef Crenn created Petit Crenn to be more than just a restaurant, but to be an extension of her home. The white wash walls and earthy decor create a minimalist coastal feel that transports you back to Brittany, the coastal region in France that her family hails from. With seating for about 20 guests and a sit-up bar that seats another 10, the quaint space is not to be taken for granted. Although Petit Crenn has a more casual look and feel than Atelier Crenn, the effort that is put into each and every detail of the food has not changed.

Everything is meticulously crafted with the utmost attention to detail. Using a fusion of culinary techniques, Crenn gives each of her dishes a unique composition that questions the norm. Take her signature, Petit Crenn Omelette for example. Typically, omelets are whipped with milk to create a rich, fluffy egg casing. Dominique replaces milk with Japanese dashi broth that gives the egg a light, delicate texture with a complex flavor. She also swaps a traditional, potato-heavy side for a crunchy salad packed with radishes, carrots, and butter lettuce and a drizzle of garlic dressing—this dish perfectly exudes Crenn’s culinary style.

Cook Like Crenn at Home

As restaurant of the month, we’re giving you the unique opportunity to cook like Crenn in your own home. We’ve partnered with the award-winning chef to transform her signature Petit Crenn Omelette into a ready-to-cook meal kit that’s delivered right to your door with everything you need to cook like a two-Michelin star chef. Dominique shares cooking tips, tricks, and the inspiration behind her dish so you can have a taste of the Petit Crenn experience at home.