Restaurant of the Month | Hopscotch

This month, we’re taking a tour of Chef’d partner and celebrity chef Kyle Itani’s restaurant, Hopscotch.

This restaurant is located in one of Northern California’s trendiest new cities. Here, he can showcase his dual Japanese and American cooking styles.

About Hopscotch

Hopscotch is an updated diner concept showcasing Japanese techniques woven into American classics featuring ingredients sourced from the Bay Area as well as a curated craft beer and wine selection with a thoughtful focus on local varieties as well as small-batch spirits, particularly Scotch.

Here’s what you need to know about our Restaurant of the Month, Hopscotch.

The Location

Uptown Oakland, California.

Uptown has become a hot spot for hot spots. Just across the San Francisco Bay, you’ll find the city of Oakland. Historically, the city has been pretty quiet, mostly known as the home of the Raiders. Today, it has become one of Northern California’s trendiest new cities.

The booming city has something new and exciting happening every day, becoming a mecca for foodies. Chefs around the world have Oakland on their radar, bringing tons of innovative cuisine to the city. It’s no wonder our chef partner, Kyle Itani has done the same.

Sitting on the outskirts of Uptown Oakland, you’ll find Hopscotch. His restaurant pays homage to his heritage as a 4th generation Japanese American with that is branded as “American food with a Japanese sensibility.

Restaurant of the Month | Hopscotch

The Restaurant

Hopscotch is about celebrating chef Kyle Itani’s blended heritage—Japanese and American. The interior design lets his American heritage take center stage.

The inside is reminiscent of an old-school diner, complete with retro tiled flooring, vermillion seats, and a sit-up bar. With a max of 30 guests, this quaint restaurant challenges the status quo of modern dining.

The Menu

Restaurant of the Month | Hopscotch

His background and heritage lead to a blended cooking style, producing dishes like Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Sesame Fennel Slaw, Braised Pork Belly Benedict, Double Down Chicken Wings with Spicy Miso Sauce and Blue Cheese Dip.

His fusion cooking has caught the eyes of foodies around the country, quickly marking Hopscotch as a must-try.

Every dish on Hopscotch’s menu is made with seasonal, ingredients that are always sustainably sourced. This often forces chef Kyle Itani to get creative and keep the menu moving with the seasons. With every visit to Hopscotch, you’ll experience a new and exciting variety of flavors—always at their peak.

We’ve partnered with chef Kyle Itani to bring Hopscotch into your home—no matter where you live. We’ve recreated one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes into a ready-to-cook meal kit. The Pork Chops with Fennel Salad kit features a blend of unique ingredients. You’ll use tamari sauce to brine the pork chops, enhancing the juiciness of the meat and giving it a classic Japanese flavor. The side of fennel salad is created with burdock root, chives, orange, wild rice, and onion, producing a truly unique side that will make you feel like a gourmet chef.

Bring the flavors of Hopscotch into your home with Kyle Itani’s meal kits tonight!