Restaurant of the Month: Da Kikokiko

No matter where you live, chances are, you’ve heard of the country’s hottest new food trend—the poke bowl.

Poke, pronounced POH-keh, has become the newest trend that all foodies have quickly become addicted to.

What is poke?

What is Poke? Poke Bowls from LA's Da Kikokiko

Think of a poke bowl as deconstructed sushi. Every bowl starts with a layer of rice and is topped with fresh, cubed raw fish plus a series of Asian-inspired toppings.

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish. It’s healthy, delicious, and full of fresh flavors that are reminiscent of the Hawaiian lifestyle and culture.

Today’s poke bowls are a bit different—they are as much a work of art as they are a nutritious meal.

Brooke Williamson has not only taken advantage of this new food trend, but she’s also taken it to new levels with her popular Los Angeles restaurant, Da Kikokiko.

Inside Da Kikiokikio

Da Kikokiko, Hawaiian for “the spot”, embodies this new trend in every way. The decor is reminiscent of the light, bright, and airy shops in Hawaii while the menu is a healthy mixture of both the modern and traditional aspects of this food.

Each bowl is carefully crafted to include a myriad of delicious flavors and vibrant colors. Brooke and her husband Nick Roberts have created Da Kikokiko to be a gourmet, quick-service restaurant where customers are given the ability to build their own unique bowl.

As you walk down the line, you see a colorful selection of fish—yellowfin tuna, octopus, crab, Hamachi, and more. A series of regular, specialty, and premium toppings is what makes Da Kikokiko different from any other poke bowl restaurant in the area. The sheer number of toppings is not meant to overwhelm you, but to allow you to create a truly unique and flavorful bowl.

Chef Owner of Da Kikokiko, Brooke Williamson

You can go with the basics like green onion, ogo, togarashi, or wasabi. If you want to up your poke bowl game, you can add a mixture of specialty and premium toppings such as avocado, jellyfish salad, ikura, and more.

Once you’ve chosen all of your toppings, the team at Da Kikokiko assembles your bowl in an Instagram-worthy manner.

All of the ingredients are sourced locally by Brooke and her team. With the help of local California farmers’ markets, they are able to create a remarkably fresh menu.

This is the duo’s fourth restaurant together in the Los Angeles area, and it has become an instant hit. No matter the time of day, you can expect to see a line that stretches out of the front doors and into the street.

If you can’t make your way to the West Coast, don’t fret—you can enjoy Da Kikokiko at home! We’ve worked with Brooke Williamson to transform one of the restaurant’s most popular creations into a ready-to-cook meal kit. In her Seared Ahi Tuna Bowl meal kit, you’ll learn the basics of creating a delicious poke bowl while enjoying it in the comfort of your own home.

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