One Pot, One Pan Meals for Cooks Who Hate Doing the Dishes

Making the dinner can be so fun. Eating the dinner can also be a thrill. But, cleaning up after the dinner?

Does Anyone Really Like to do the Dishes?

Perhaps there are a special few people who do—but, just in case you’re not fond of juggling a bunch of messy pots and pans, check out these one pot, one pan meal kits that make cooking easy-breezy.

Cook Like a Pro, Without the Stress of a Mess

These meals are practical, easy to clean-up, quick, and delicious.

One pot, one pan meals will frequently have a protein, a veggie, and a starch—everything might you need to feel full and satisfied. You can step-up the flavor by sprinkling in your favorite seasonings, like rosemary, basil, or thyme; or, add some broth, like chicken stock or vegetable broth.

Foodies everywhere can rejoice to know that one pot, one pan meals are popular worldwide! Check out a few of our favorites.

Straightforward Italian

Take the Italian restaurant home with you, but leave aside the traffic, the valet, the waiters, and the crowd. You can leave aside the mess, too. How? It’s easy.

With our One Pan Orecchiette Pasta, you can create the illusion that you’re cooking in an Italian kitchen. This is a simple enough meal to prepare, even the youngsters in the family can pitch in to assist. Just simmer the sausage and onion together with a bit of chicken stock concentrate and you’ll smell the aroma of a delicious dinner in the making.

Don’t use water; but, boil the pasta in the broth and it’ll absorb all of those yummy flavors. You’ll have this meal on the table in less than an hour.

No Rushing this Russian Meal

There is no need to rush this gourmet Russian classic because it takes only thirty minutes to make! From Campbell’s Kitchen, this One-Dish Beef Stroganoff features nostalgic flavors, like Swanson Beef Broth, crimini mushrooms, and dried parsley.

Begin by sautéing the beef sirloin in the pan, then add the broth, crimini mushrooms, and egg noodles. Top it off with sour cream and seasonings. As the weather around you cools down, this meal will surely warm you up inside.

Soulful and Southwestern

If you’re not fond of eating meat, but you still want a protein-rich meal, we offer a meal kit by a plant-based dietitian, Julieanna Hever, that is health-conscious and packed with nutrients.

The Easy Beans and Quinoa meal kit is what the name suggests, easy. It takes less than an hour to make and it comes with a kale broccoli salad with mustard dressing. Follow the instructions, but use only one pot, and experience how the different flavors—cumin, cilantro, lemon, and more—play off one another. And because these ingredients are so fresh and mostly plant-based, this is one of those meals that can leave you feeling full, without feeling bloated.

Less Time to Clean, More Time to Eat

It’s difficult to narrow down our favorite part of these meals—Is it the limited clean-up that we love? Or, is it the simplicity of the recipe? All-in-all, it always comes down to the taste; and the taste is delicious. Tell us about your favorite one pot, one pan meals, and ask us any questions that you might have. We always want to hear about how you #GetChefd