New Best Seller | Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter

Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter

New Best Seller | Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter

This month, we released our Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter meal kit and it’s been a hit ever since. Why? This dish allows you to make a truly gourmet, restaurant-quality meal at home in just 15 minutes. Yup, you read that right—steak, potatoes, and veggies in just 15 minutes.

Let’s break it down.


Difficulty: Easy

Spiciness: None

Time: 15 Minutes

Suggested Pairings






Whipping Cream

Black Truffle Butter


Garlic Cloves


Baby Yukon Gold Potatoes

What You’ll Need

Medium Oven Proof Sauté Pan


Microwave-safe Medium Bowl


How We Pulled it Off

Our culinary team worked endlessly to create this truly unique meal kit. We started by sourcing some of the best products for this dish. Here’s an inside scoop on the creation of this new and exciting 15-minute meal.

The Black Truffle Butter

New Best Seller | Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter

Our partner, M.A.D. Foods has provided us with the star ingredient in this dish—black truffle butter.

Black truffle butter is made from—you guessed it—black truffles.

Black truffles are one of the most expensive edible mushrooms in the world. Their rich, aromatic flavor is used to refine the taste of meats, fish, soups, and risotto. With the help of trained pigs, these highly sought-after truffles are unearthed from the deep forests of Italy and France and are sold to high-end kitchens across the world for upwards of $500 per pound.

Our partner M.A.D. Foods has developed a truly tantalizing truffle butter featuring this unique ingredient. The black truffle butter possesses earthy notes with mushroomy flavors that add even more juicy richness to filet mignon.

The Steak

New Best Seller | Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter

Is there anything better than a perfectly cooked filet mignon? When it’s cooked just right, it melts in your mouth. This recipe ensures you get just that—a perfect steak.

We’ve partnered with Premier Meat Company, a family-owned business that works relentlessly to source the most sustainable, humanely farm-bred and raised meats. They’ve brought us 2/6oz cuts to round out this truly delectable recipe.

We took this thick cut and gave it a simple salt and pepper seasoning. After searing the fillets, they’re thrown into the oven with some asparagus, rosemary, and garlic to create a flavorful crunch on the outside, while locking in the heavenly juices on the inside.

The Mashed Potatoes

New Best Seller | Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter

Our chefs love a good steak and potatoes just as much as you do, but understand that getting the right steak and potatoes at home can be somewhat of a challenge with ever-changing schedules. That’s why we’ve developed a new way to get this meal on the table in record time.

Using vibrant Yukon potatoes, cream, and a microwave, you can create delicious mashed potatoes in roughly eight minutes. Start this before you start searing the fillets and viola—they’ll be ready to mash before you can say “Filet Mignon with Black Truffle Butter”.

Throw everything together and top with a dollop of black truffle butter for a meal you won’t forget.

This meal kit was developed for every occasion. Trying to impress a date? Want to celebrate an accomplishment? Want to treat yourself? No matter what’s going on in your life, this meal kit will be there to make it even more delicious.

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