My Box is On the Way! Now What?

Whether you’re a meal plan subscriber or have just ordered a few a la carte meals, you’re now on your way to getting a box of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients delivered to your doorstep, ready for you to start cooking. In the meantime, here are a few tips from our team so that you can make the most of your experience.


Before it arrives

If you want to get a head start on your preparation, you can download your recipe cards ahead of time (they’ll also come in the box). Either click on the View recipe card links in your shipping confirmation email, or visit My Account > Order History and click on your most recent order.

Double-check the equipment and pantry items you’ll need for your meals. The only pantry items you might need to provide will be salt, pepper, and some type of cooking oil (usually olive). Also check out the wine, beer, and other beverage pairings suggested by our culinary team in case you want to pick something up to go with your dinner!

When it arrives

Our boxes come with the fresh ingredients needed to make your meal, pre-portioned and ready to go. When you open the box, place all items in the fridge. (Alternately, if you’re tight on space, you can always put the fresh items in the fridge and put the dry items away in the pantry.)

The gel packs that keep the food cold in transit can be reused multiple times, but if you’d prefer, you can also wait until they thaw, cut them open and pour the contents down the sink drain while running hot water (the contents are 100% non-toxic). The outer plastic (along with the rest of the packaging) can be recycled.

In order to have the best cooking experience, cook fish and seafood within 2 days and the other meals within 4 days of receipt.

Green Beans

When you cook

Before you start any recipe, it’s not a bad idea to read through all of the steps and familiarize yourself with them. One tip: if you don’t have a ton of time in the evening, you can always do the prep work ahead of time (dicing, mincing and chopping) so that everything’s ready to go when it’s time to fire up the stovetop or oven. Always wash all produce in cold water and pat dry before using. Proteins don’t need to be washed but should also be pat dry with paper towels before cooking.

Make sure you check out the Kitchen 411 included on every recipe card. These include helpful hints and info on culinary techniques and ingredients direct from our culinary team.

Finally, do take the time at the end to plate your dish – we eat with our eyes first and where, appropriate, we’ve provided plating instructions to help you make your dish beautiful (and Insta-worthy) as well as delicious. Enjoy!