Meal Prep the Smart Way with Glad® Press’n Seal® Bundles

Meal prepping can be the handiest life hack. Learn how to put in a little bit of work for the maximum payoff.


It’s Not Planning Ahead, It’s Better. It’s Meal Prepping.

When you’re on the go and you don’t want to hit the brakes, meal prepping is the convenient method to get the most out of your week.

For the first time ever, we’re offering meal kit bundles! In partnership with Glad® Press 'N' Seal® we have three new bundles that make meal prepping so easy:

1) Grab and Go Breakfast Bundle
2) Prep Your Protein Bundle
3) Mouth Watering Marinades Bundle

With these bundles, you receive two delicious two-four serving meals in one box.

One box. Two meals. One happy family.

We will also gift you with a roll of complementary Glad® Press 'N' Seal® to make the transition from desk to dinner even easier!

You’ll Love These Bundles

From breakfast to dinner, you can meal prep your entire day. Get started with one of our delicious bundles below.

Grab and Go Breakfast Bundle
Breakfast Burritos & Egg Frittatas


Prep Your Protein Bundle
Turkey Burgers & Turkey Bolognese

Mouth Watering Marinades Bundle
Citrus Beef Fajitas and Chipotle Shrimp


5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Meal Prep

Meal prepping is a simple solution for a busy schedule. With just a little bit of foresight, you can save yourself a lot of hassle. Here are five reasons why meal prepping is the best life hack:

  1. You Can Save Money: That sandwich, salad and drink that you buy on your lunch break can add up over time. If you’re shopping for food in a rush, it can be easy to splurge. If you meal prep ahead of time, your wallet will thank you.

  2. It’s Easier to Portion Control: If you’re planning your meals ahead of time then you’re in control of your portions and caloric intake. Sometimes the premade meals at grocery stores and restaurants have surprising serving sizes. If you’re shopping while you’re hungry then you’ll probably consume more calories than usual.

  3. You Won’t Give Into Impulses: It’s too easy to drive to a fast-food restaurant for dinner after work. Going to a fast-food joint is not the most healthy choice, but we do it because we’re hungry, tired, and it’s quick. But, if you have a meal that you prepped waiting for you at home, then you’ll be less likely to give into the impulse to eat junk food.

  4. It Can Help to Regulate Your Metabolism: If you have your meals on hand while you’re at work then it’s easier to graze all day. Grazing is when you eat a little bit throughout the day instead of consuming large portions of food at given times. According to LiveStrong, “if you eat small portions every few hours, you will keep your hunger under control, metabolism elevated and energy levels high.” Keeping your metabolism at a constant hum can help to regulate your blood sugar levels and weight.

  5. It Will Improve Your Time Management: If you set aside just a couple hours in one day, it can save you many hours over the week. One day of prep work can supply you with lasting meals. And when you use Glad® Press’n Seal® your meals will stay fresh longer.

One Box. Two Meals. One Happy Family.

Do you ever feel strapped for time? Does meal prepping makes your week more manageable? What do you typically like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Start the conversation. Leave a comment or a question below.