Make the Pledge to Become a Blenditarian

Wondering what a blenditarian is? The James Beard Foundation and hundreds of chefs have devoted themselves to the life of a blenditarian (‘blend-Ə-‘ter-ē-en / noun) or someone who believes that the mighty mushroom has meaty powers to make meals more delicious, nutritious and sustainable.

Blenditarians create blended burger uses a culinary technique called The Blend, which means the ground meat is blended with chopped mushrooms. What does that mean for the beloved burger? Quite simply, all the same, satisfying burger flavor we know and love with a more nutritious and sustainable spin.

Our Blended Burgers

Every year, the James Beard Foundation hosts the Blended Burger Project that puts famous chefs against each other to create the best blended burger out there. We’ve partnered the Blended Burger Project and the James Beard Foundation to bring last year’s winning blended burgers to life!

1. Boom Boar Burger

Blended Burgers from the James Beard Foundation | The Boom Boar Burger

Chef Misha Levin from Bareburger Restaurant Group, New York City, combines ground boar and mushrooms for a juicy, succulent burger. A sriracha vinaigrette adds a fiery spice and sautéed Swiss chard adds a nice crunchy texture to the meal.

Try it: Boom Boar Burger

2. The Blended Burger

Blended Burgers from the James Beard Foundation | The Blended Burger

Chef Toni Elkhouri from Cedar’s Café in Melbourne, Florida combines ground beef and fresh mushrooms for a wonderfully complex, beefy meal. The burger is topped with a tangy, smooth tahini remoulade, rich bacon and a sweet maple-onion confit.

Try it: The Blended Burger

3. The Mushroom Monster

Blended Burgers from the James Beard Foundation | The Mushroom Monster

Chef Logan Guleff from Logan’s Underground Supper Club in Memphis, Tennessee combines ground beef with Portobello and crimini mushrooms that are sautéed with fresh thyme.

Try it: The Mushroom Monster

4. The Pops Burger

Blended Burgers from the James Beard Foundation | The Pops Burger

Chef Adrian Cruz from Orchard Kitchen and Bar in McAllen, Texas blends fresh mushrooms with ground chuck and chorizo for an earthy taste. The burger is then topped with bacon, Gouda cheese and a sunny side up egg for layers of richness.

Try it: The Pops Burger

5. The Wood’s Kitchen Burger

Blended Burgers from the James Beard Foundation | The Wood's Kitchen Burger

Chef Michael Gottlieb from the Wood’s Kitchen in Bloomingdale, Georgia blends fresh mushrooms into the patty for a meaty, earthy addition. The burger is topped with sautéed onion and a spicy thyme-Worcestershire glaze.

Try it: The Wood’s Kitchen Burger

Become a Blenditarian Tonight

Enjoy a blended burger tonight! All of our blended burger meal kits come with everything you need to nail the perfect combination of mushroom and ground beef delivered right to your door. If you love the idea of eating a more delicious burger, and possibly doing better for your health and the planet at the same time, shop our blended burgers, then pledge to join the blenditarian community to get a free digital recipe book, exclusive event invites, and to be entered to win blenditarian swag.