Liven up Your Dinner with This Unexpected Ingredient

Are you cooking the same things over and over again? We’ve all been there. Getting stuck in a cooking rut is no fun. Try switching up your diet and step up your game with this unexpected ingredient.

How to Cook with Grapes

Cooking with grapes? Yup, you read that right! While most of us know grapes as our favorite snack, we’re here to flip the script. The California Grape Commission is in the Chef’d Kitchen and they’ve shown us three totally unexpected ways to use grapes while cooking.

1. Grape Salsa

How to Cook with Grapes | Making Grape Salsa

Salsa is one of the most versatile sauces in cooking. Used for marinades, sides, and toppings, it’s a staple for many dishes. Using grapes, we’ve created a new take on a classic.

Crisp shallots, crunchy green onion, parsley, and halved grapes come together to create a sweet and salty topping for savory, dijon marinated chicken. Served with a side of sautéed spinach, this dish is the perfect light meal to share on any night of the week.

Try it: Dijon Chicken with Grape and Pine Nut Salsa

2. Grape Pico De Gallo

How to Cook with Grapes | Making Pico De Gallo

Pico de gallo is another go-to topping—especially for tacos. There’s nothing better than a piping hot, perfectly grilled fish taco with a chunky mix of tomatoes, onions, and cilantro on top. This recipe challenges that by adding grapes into the mix.

The sweet flavors create a refreshing contrast to fiery peppers and spicy onions while heightening the fresh tastes of the salmon.

Try it: Grilled Salmon Tacos with Grape Pico De Gallo

3. Grape Salad

How to Cook with Grapes | Grape Salad

In some cases, we see grapes used in chicken salads to add a bit of crunch, but with this salad, we use them to create a light, crisp, and flavorful salad that makes for the perfect lunch.

Fluffy quinoa and heart-healthy white beans make this dish filling; juicy sweet grapes, crunchy snap peas, and mild pasilla peppers add in some fun, and a zesty lemon pepper dressing brings it all together.

Try it: Hearty Quinoa Salad with Grapes and White Beans