How to Navigate Through Our New Website

We look different!

Although we might look completely different, we still provide the same great service. Chef’d is growing faster and stronger each and every day, constantly outperforming our expectations—and with that comes some necessary changes.

We now have over 700 meal kits available for order at any time! Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert meal kits are available from hundreds of different chefs and partners, making it easier than ever before to become a master chef in your kitchen.

Because of this, we’ve updated your experience on so you can do less scrolling and more cooking.

Here’s what you can expect:


Updated Search Functions

How to Navigate Our New Website | Search Functions

Shopping through our extensive collection of meal kits can be a little overwhelming. Now, we’ve created some simple, yet advanced functions to help you narrow down your search.

From the Shop All page, you’ll see a new tab called ‘Filter’. Once that tab is open, you’ll find a series of filters that you can apply to your search. Search by:

  • Type of Meal
  • Cooking Time
  • Cuisine
  • Category
  • Skill Level
  • Spice Level
  • Protein
  • Dietary Lifestyle
  • Allergens

Click on a filter to apply it to your search—you’ll get instant results.


Browse by Collection

How to Navigate Our New Website | Browse Collections

What’s a collection? Think of them like playlists for your mouth.

We’ve created meal kit collections to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, if you’re looking for something to cook with your partner, try our Date Night collection.

Hosting a party? You’re sure to find a series of delicious sides and mains built for larger parties in our Party in a Box collection.

These collections feature the best of the best in their respective categories, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for and discover new and exciting flavors.


Browse by Chef

How to Navigate Our New Website | Browse by Chef

Love cooking shows? We do too.

We’ve partnered with some of the best and biggest chefs from around the world to allow you to experience their signature dishes at home.

Cook like your favorite chef from our ‘Our Chef’s’ page. On this page, you’ll see all of the chefs we’ve partnered with, what they’re known for, and their cooking style. This way, you’ll be able to find your favorite chef with ease or find a new chef to start following.


Browse by Brand

How to Navigate Our New Website | Browse by Partner

Ever wonder what you’re favorite food brands are up to? We’ve partnered with hundreds of major brands to bring some of their most popular recipes and ingredients into your home.

Browse through our brand partners on our ‘Meet Our Partners’ page to see who’s hanging out in our kitchen. You’ll be able to experience your favorite brands in a whole new way.


Create a Wishlist

How to Navigate Our New Website | Create a Wishlist

So, you’ve done a lot of browsing. Chances are, you’ve come across something you really want to try. If you want to save it for a later date, share it with a friend, or simply keep scrolling the page, save it to your wishlist!

Now, in the top right corner of every meal kit, you’ll see a bookmark icon. Tap on the icon to add the meal kit to your wishlist! Sign in to access your wishlist to order when you’re ready!


Save Your Favorites

How to Navigate Our New Website | Save Your Favorites

There’s those few dishes we all crave time and time again. At Chef’d, we’re the only meal kit company that lets you reorder your favorite meals.

Once you’ve tried something and loved it, you can save it to your favorites by clicking on the heart. Save as many as you want and keep them close by for quick and easy reordering when the craving hits.


Get Personalized Recommendations

How to Navigate Our New Website | Get Personalized Recommendations

One of the most exciting changes to our site that we can’t wait for you to try is our ‘Just for You’ section. In the top left corner of your screen, you’ll see a button that says “Personalize”. Once you click on this tab, you’ll be asked a series of quick and simple questions.

By answering these questions, we can start building personalized recommendations based on your unique tastes. This way, you can spend less time figuring out what to eat this week, and more time doing the things that matter most to you.

Every week, we’ll release a new series of questions—the more you answer, the better your recommendations will be. Once you sign in to our site or app, you’ll be welcomed with three delicious meal kit that we guarantee you’ll love!

Add them to your cart right and check out once you’re ready! Meals for the week will be at your door in no time.


Try Our App!

How to Navigate Our New Website | Download our App

Did you know we have an app? Our IOS app is filled with all of these amazing features! Order meals from your phone—anytime, anywhere. We also offer instant checkout capabilities on our app, allowing you to purchase and place an order in a single swipe.

Download our app today and experience these fun and exciting new features for yourself!

Have a Question?

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