How to Make New Year's Resolutions that Stick

New year, new you — right?

Shoot for the Stars, But Make it Attainable

The New Year is a classic opportunity to start things fresh, leave the baggage of the past behind, and wipe your slate clean — tabula rasa — as they say in Latin which means, “blank slate.”

After all of the sugar, cookies, butter, going back for seconds at Thanksgiving, and perhaps saying regretful things to your extended family at the dinner table, the New Year is a perfect chance to reevaluate and plan for a better future.

So, How Do You Make Resolutions that Stick?

It’s easy to write something down onto a piece of paper and tuck it away with good intentions. But how do you take that written resolution and then turn it into a reality?

The solution is this: Think big, but start small.

According to an article by Forbes, only 8% of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolution.

Why is it that so few people actually accomplish their New Year’s resolutions?

Grand Resolutions and Vague Resolutions

The reasoning behind the small number of people attaining their sought-after resolutions is that people will usually make a resolution that is so incredible that it becomes almost unattainable, or they’re make one that is too vague that it’s not measurable.

An example of a resolution that is too grand that it is not attainable would be something like, “becoming a millionaire in the next year.”

Sure, this is not an impossible goal — but for a lot of people, it’s not very realistic.

Another way to approach this goal would be to rephrase it and break it down into more bite-sized portions — like, make a resolution to speak with your boss about a promotion, or meet with an accountant to develop a savings plan, or take the plunge and finally patent that million dollar idea that you have.

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These are all stepping stones to accomplish the big picture.

An example of a common vague New Year’s resolution is to “lose weight.” This is a fine goal to have if your intention is to live a healthy life. But goals are always more effective if they’re more specific.

You can make it more specific, easily.

If losing weight is your New Year’s goal, then make it attainable in these ways: Resolve to limit your nutritional weaknesses, (like ice cream, chips, pizza, etc.), to only once a month, or join a gym and make the commitment to go every Monday and Wednesday, or subscribe to a meal plan that makes it easy to eat fresh ingredients in the right portions, (and you know we have you covered when it comes to meal plans).

Tangible goals lead to tangible outcomes.

Easy Ways to Make Your NYE Goals More Attainable

If you’re opting to make goals this New Year’s Eve and you want them to actually stick — we have some tips to support you:

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  • Share your goals with your close friends or family so that they can hold you accountable.

  • Find a friend who has the same goal and work together to succeed.

  • Imagine where you want to be in life in five years and think of the stepping stones to achieve that vision.

  • Make daily affirmations for yourself every morning, and check in with yourself every night to reflect.

  • List your heroes and think about their paths to success.

  • Acknowledge each win you achieve, no matter how small, because they all add up in the end.

Today is Your Own. Tomorrow is the Rest of Your Story.

Do you regularly make resolutions for the New Year? What goals are you setting for yourself? Are there affirmations that you like to use to help you succeed? What are you most looking forward to in the New Year? We always love to hear from you. Start the conversation and leave a comment. Or ask a question and we’ll be happy to answer. #GetChefd