How to Host the Best Game Day Party

We teamed up with Pier1 to give you tips on how to make your football party #1.

A Football Party Playbook for a Great Time

If you’re hosting the big game at your house then it’s safe to assume that you’re a person who likes to have a good time. We applaud you, the host, for choosing to create a worthwhile and fun time for your friends on Game Day!

There are a few core regulations to establish before getting into the nitty-gritty of game day party hosting:

  • Make sure that you have a large enough TV.
  • Invite friends who inspire comradery.
  • Make sure that you have more than enough food, (more is better than less).
  • Have plentiful drinks of all varieties, (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
  • Use your space creatively and efficiently.
  • And the last but most important suggestion in this regulation playbook: Have fun!

A football party is so much more than potato chips, onion dip, and cans of cheap beer. Be the real MVP when you bring your A-game of mouthwatering treats, ice cold beverages, and a comfy room filled with spirited people who you invited.

1) A Large Television, for the Win

Some people wait all year long just for this one game. These people scrutinize every play that's made, they wear their favorite teams’ colors, and they keep their eyes glued to the screen.

If you have serious fans coming to your footabll party then your party would benefit greatly by having a large television to watch the large game.

2) Invite Friends from Both Teams

Birds of a feather may flock together — meaning, people on the same team will usually stick together — but you can make your Super Bowl party more interesting by inviting friends who are rooting for each side.

This way there will always be cheering no matter who scores a goal.

3) Have Both Sweet and Savory Treats

Speaking of repping both sides, a successful party always has representation from these two main food categories:

Team Sweet and Team Savory.

It might seem like they’re playing on opposite teams, but they actually have the same end goal: It’s to be delicious. Take a bite of a football cake, followed by a bite of a pig in a blanket, followed by another bite of the cake, etc.

It's a recipe for a fulfilling and delicious time. Trust us.

4) Use the Space to Your Advantage

Not only do you want to have a variety of different drinks, from non-alcoholic to perhaps alcoholic, you want to use your space to your advantage.

Make sure that these drinks, as well as the food, are within reach for your guests.

Don't make the risk of standing up and walking into the kitchen to refill a drink or to grab a bite, only to miss an epic play of the game.

Avoid that scenario by setting everything up conveniently near your guests.

Do you want to have your food and drinks more accessible? You can do this by pushing together end tables, incorporating a snazzy bar cart, and utilizing handy trays.

5) Have so Much Fun!

This is the most important step: Remember to have a great time.

Hosting can be stressful so we give you permission to let the stress roll off your back. When you order a meal kit you can let us do the heavy lifting and it’s one less thing that you have to worry about. 

See what choices you can make for a delicious football party.

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Score a Tasty Touchdown

Who do you want to see win this year's big game? What do you most look forward to at a Super Bowl party: The food, the drink, or the company? Do you have any game day traditions with your friends or your family? Leave a comment or a question. We always love to hear from you.

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