Holiday Baking? It’s No Bother with a Cookie Swap Party

A cookie swap is a great way to tackle your holiday baking hoopla and host a fun event.

What is a Cookie Swap?

This is how it works: Your guests will arrive to the party with a dozen cookies of the same sort and by the end of the party they’ll successfully have a medley of different cookies to take home. Not too shabby, eh? Add some decorative boxes to package the cookies and you’ll have yourself a solid soiree.

Step One: Determine Your Guest List

In determining your guest list for a cookie swap party, don’t feel limited to invite only your most kitchen-savvy friends. We supply easy-to-follow cookie kits that even the most novice baker can master. The Classic Gingerbread Men cookie kit offers a time-honored favorite that will surely inspire holiday cheer.

Step Two: Send the Invitations

It’s recommended to send the invitations within a certain time frame, to provide enough notice to your guests to bake their treats. We suggest that you give your guests 2-3 weeks to prepare for the party.

In your invitations be sure to ask everyone to RSVP with the type of cookie they’ll be bringing. This will allow you to coordinate so that each guest attends the party with a different type of cookie.

Do you want guidance in choosing creative holiday cookies that are easy to make? Refer your guests to our holiday cookie collection. We love the Strawberry Linzer Cookie kit. It’s simple but delectable, and the strawberry filling accents the colors of the holiday season.

Step Three: Create a Cookie Station and a Wrapping Station

Before your guests arrive, set up a table large enough to arrange all of the cookies. Display description cards of each type of cookie, to make it easy for your guests to navigate.

Additionally, create a space to package the treats. We partnered with Papermart to bring you a series of beautiful, festive assortments of packaging to service your wrapping needs. Provide your guests with several boxes, rather than one big box, so that different types of cookies can be kept separate, in order to preserve their flavor.

Step Four: Provide Snacks and Refreshments

With all of this cookie talk and cheer, it’s easy to work up an appetite. Provide snacks and refreshments for your guests to enjoy. Savory foods make for an excellent contrast to the treats at the party. We have Chicken Lettuce Wraps that are both health-conscious and delicious; or, if your sweet tooth is still buzzing, check out the Monkey Bread kit—it’s a yummy mix of sugar and cinnamon, and so fun to pull apart.

You can also ask people to bring extra cookies for everyone to sample. The party can then vote for their favorite cookie and the winner earns bragging rights. Do you want bragging rights? If so, you should try the Chewy Chocolate Espresso Cookie kit. This cookie combines two of the best flavors of the world: chocolate and espresso. It’s incredible.

Step Five: Have Fun!

This is your opportunity to have fun while also bypassing on holiday planning inconveniences. By following our steps and ordering our kits, you’ll have the best cookie swap party of the season.

Are you hosting a cookie swap party?

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