Guest Post | How I Created My Meal Kits

Chef of the Month | Casey Thompson

Being a Chef in this day and age is so exciting. Never before have people been so excited about food. There is so much food information out there found in magazines, on the internet, on social media channels and with food bloggers documenting new and exciting food idea it provides chefs such a stage to create just about anything they want! I love to see what other chefs to take ingredients, familiar and new, and apply them to so many different preparations. In my own kitchen, recent collaborations with my chefs and chef peers, has been so exciting and refreshing. This spring has opened my eyes to so many colors and new flavors, I find myself invigorated when I go to create something new.

I recently did a dinner with two Top Chefs from my previous season. We did the dinner in a produce warehouse and shopped for whatever ingredients that we wanted. Like kids in a candy store! We actually found it hard to concentrate because there was so much stimuli in the form of flavor, the options were endless. Chefs are bonded by a love for food and it is refreshing to have these relationships in which we share ideas and techniques. These are fun times in the chef world!

People often ask me how we come up with certain ideas when it comes to food. Have you ever walked the farmer’s market and tried a new flavor and asked questions about how to prepare it? That’s what we do. If I learn of a new leaf and about the flavor nuances and can’t wait to get it to the kitchen to work with it and then, of course to eat it! After I figure out a basic flavor profile, I can then use it in other applications that might not be so common. My hopes are to surprise you and educate you on something new. That’s my job! And it’s the best job in the world! Cheers to the spring and summer months and to learning and trying something new!

XO Casey