Food Holidays: February

Whew! Anyone else feel like they blinked, and all of a sudden it’s February? Whether you’re in sunny California, where some days need a cozy sweater and some days make you wonder if summer is around the corner, or on the East Coast and blanketed by snow, it’s always a good time to make delicious, soul-satisfying food in the comfort of your own kitchen. Here’s a look at the food holidays coming up in February, along with our recommendations for how to celebrate with Chef’d.

Baked Fish and Chips

February 8th: National Potato Lover's Day

An office favorite, PureWow's Baked Fish and Chips are an especially good way to celebrate National Potato Lover's Day (February 8th). Once you've baked and tasted these fries (or "chips" as the British call them), you'll find yourself craving these instead of the fast food version. Tip: Don't skip patting the potato planks dry with a paper towel before you bake them... it's the secret to their crispiness!

Veal Bolognese

February 13th: National Italian Food Day

The word "pappardelle" derives from the Italian "pappare," which means to gobble up. Which is exactly what we want to do to this Veal Bolognese from Chef Becky Reams. On February 13th, celebrate National Italian Food Day with this tasty take on an Italian classic. The lemon-garlic ricotta crostinis are a perfect complement to the delicious pappardelle pasta, and the portions are generous so everyone will be able to have seconds.

NY Steak

 February 22nd: National Cook a Sweet Potato Day

On February 22nd a.k.a. National Cook a Sweet Potato Day, the possibilities are endless. Sweet potatoes are versatile and wholesome, and are equally good grilled, baked, sautéed, and pureed. But one of our favorite ways to enjoy sweet potato is in a hash, and Robert Irvine's version fits the bill perfectly. His hash features fresh corn and bacon (yum!) and is paired with a boneless NY strip steak smothered in a Sriracha chimichurri.

Three Bean Habanero Turkey Chili

February 27th: National Chili Day

Chili. It just might be the perfect food. It satisfies a hungry crowd like nothing else, warms up the coldest day, and makes your entire house smell amazing as it cooks. This year, celebrate National Chili Day (February 27th) with our NEW Three Bean Habanero Turkey Chili, which feeds 8 and is served with toasty cornbread muffins.