Food Holidays: April

In between those April showers, there’s nothing better than a spring potluck or outdoor brunch to remind you that spring is here and summer is on its way. This month, we’re celebrating some classic sandwiches including the BLT and grilled cheese, not to mention our current favorite type of mushroom.

Swanky BLT

April 1st: National Sourdough Bread Day

In addition to the bacon, lettuce and tomato that make up the classic BLT, one of the most important ingredients is the right bread. It has to be that perfect mix of crunchy and soft, with just the right amount of give and with a flavor that complements the whole sandwich. On National Sourdough Bread Day (4/1), we're loving PureWow's take on this classic sandwich, the Swanky BLT with Oven-Roasted French Fries.

The Grilled Cheese Duo

April 12th: National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

The grilled cheese sandwich. Melty and delicious, this childhood classic makes us nostalgic. But there's nothing childish about our culinary team's take on grilled cheese... The Grilled Cheese Duo features one version with cheddar, Swiss and onions glazed with port wine, while the other features a salty Asiago and sweet fig jam. On National Grilled Cheese Day (4/12), this is the duo we want on our plate.

Chicken Marsala

Low Maintenance Risotto

April 16th: Day of the Mushroom

On the Day of the Mushroom (4/16), there are so many ways to celebrate. Right now, we're loving cremini mushrooms. These scrumptious fungi are in the same family as white button mushrooms and portobellos. While portobellos are the most mature and have that heartier, almost meat-like texture, and white button mushrooms are the youngest and have the least flavor, the cremini is just right, flavorful and sturdy without ever being tough or spongy. This year we're celebrating the cremini two ways, with Kristina Kuzmic's Chicken Marsala (the classic pasta dish featuring mushrooms and chicken kissed with Marsala wine) and PureWow's Low Maintenance Risotto, for those who love risotto but don't want to do all that stirring. Long live the mushroom!