Falling Hard for Seasonal Soups & Stews

As a kid, soup always tasted better when Mom made it. Imagine being able to create that comfort food all by yourself, and having it taste just as good—if not better. Well, now you can!

For Rainy Days, and Beyond

It’s starting to feel a lot like autumn. The clocks are pushed back an hour, and it’s getting darker earlier. With these soups and stews, you can push back the clocks even further, and you’re a kid again; you’re in your jammies, the television is playing your favorite cartoon, and you smell the fragrant trail of a heavenly broth.

These savory soups and stews can bring you about as much comfort as a plush blanket can warm your arms, and a familiar melody can soothe the soul.

Don’t hesitate to put on your jammies, turn on your favorite classic cartoons, and rediscover the wonderful coziness that soups and stews have to offer.

Broccoli & Potato Soup

This Broccoli & Potato Soup features broccoli florets and russet potatoes. The florets are specially cut from the head of broccoli, so you save time by not having to do it yourself.

And did you know that there are over 200 different types of potatoes? You’re probably familiar with the Russet variety—it’s the ideal type for mashed potatoes, and in this case, for making really tasty soup.

Top it off with some cheddar cheese, because there can never be too much cheese.

Lasagna Soup

It’s the best of both worlds: lasagna and soup.

This Lasagna Soup has everything that we love about lasagna but without all of the hassle. Everything is made in one pot, so you can avoid the stress of having so many dishes to clean up.

With a Parmesan and ricotta cheese blend, the pasta is smothered in delicious, cheesy loveliness. Add in zesty Italian pork sausage and enjoy the flavors of one of our favorite Italian comfort foods, in all of its soupy wonders.

Chicken & Biscuit Stew

It’s not just a stew, and it’s not just a biscuit. It’s better. This Chicken & Biscuit Stew is a delectable layer of buttery, soft biscuits sitting pretty on top of a rich and hearty chicken stew.

With yellow onion, fresh parsley, carrots and Yukon potatoes, this is this type of stew that you’ll want to eat before a long day of throwing snowballs because it’ll keep your belly feeling full and warm.

Pozole Verde

This soup can usually take all day to slow cook, but with our help, you can have it on the table in about 30 minutes!

Pozole Verde is a beloved comfort food that originates from the Pacific coast of Mexico. This slightly spicy broth will open up your senses; you might feel like you’re breathing for the first time ever. With crunchy cabbage, crisp radish, lime, and avocado, Pozole Verde is so fresh and divine.

Don’t Get into a Stew, When You Can Get Some Stew

What do you like to eat when the weather cools down? Is soup a go to when you start to feel stuffy? What’s your favorite ingredient to throw into a soup and stew? From soup to nuts, let us know your thoughts and questions