Enjoy Your Cheat Day with These 10 Insanely Delicious Meal Kits

Most of us take our diets very seriously and refuse to do anything that might violate our strict discipline. However, it's important to have a day out of the week when you don't allow yourself to be restricted by your diet. We understands this, which is why we offer meal kits perfect for any cheat day.

10 Meal Kits That Are Perfect For Cheat Day

Our meal kit delivery service understands what you'll want when you have that special day to yourself. Without a cheat day, you'll likely lapse and find yourself going back to old habits. Here are a few of some of the best cheat day meals you can pick. We guarantee you'll love every meal kit.

1. The Pops Burger

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Pop's Burger

Using the perfect blend of beef and mushrooms, this burger gives you a taste of just about everything you didn't know you wanted in a burger. It isn't the usual flavor, but you'll probably love the surprising taste. Even better, it's topped with a sunny side up egg and Gouda cheese to give the Pops Burger its own style.

Try it: The Pops Burger

2. Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | The Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

The Philly cheese steak is the perfect comfort food for any cheat day. It's warm, gooey, and packs a meaty bite. You'll fall in love with the caramelized onions and sliced flank steak that makes this sandwich so great.

Try it: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

3. Sinfully Sweet Brownies

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Sinfully Sweet Brownies

No cheat day would be complete without some sweets. These brownies are filled with all the chocolate goodness you want in every bite. Even better, we put cream and cookies bits in the mix to give the brownie batter that perfect texture and a distinct flavor.

Try it: Sinfully Sweet Brownies

4. Steak Sandwiches With Kale Chimichurri And Heirloom Tomato Salad

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Steak Sandwich

Everyone loves eating a nice steak when taking a break from the diet. However, just because you're taking a cheat day doesn't mean every meal is going to take a toll on you. Our kale chimichurri and tomato salad add a healthy twist to any cheat day meal.

Try it: Steak Sandwiches With Kale Chimichurri And Heirloom Tomato Salad

5. English Muffin French Toast With Banana Caramel Sauce And Toasted Almonds

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | English Muffin French Toast

This is one of the most amazing breakfasts you could possibly try. The banana caramel sauce and toasted almonds make our French toast and English muffins will give you a treat you'll remember all day. When you start a cheat day, you'll want to indulge yourself all the way.

Try it: English Muffin French Toast With Banana Caramel Sauce And Toasted Almonds

6. Vanilla Cheesecake

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Vanilla Cheesecake

The name speaks for itself. This is a classic everyone wants a piece of when they decide to relax after a week of workouts and restraint. The texture of our cheesecake is just right for any occasion. Savor the sweet flavor of this treat after a nice long cheat day.

Try it: Vanilla Cheesecake

7. Chicken Tarragon Pot Pie

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Chicken Tarragon Pot Pie

Chicken pot pie is an American classic we've all grown to love. This meal kit from New York Times Cooking gives a special kick thanks to the tarragon spice added to the mix. Even better, you'll be able to enjoy a homemade meal for yourself when you decide you need a break from the rigorous routine of the week.

Try it: Chicken Tarragon Pot Pie

8. Meat Lasagna

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Meat Lasagna

We put plenty of meaty specials on our list, but the lasagna tops all of them. Inspired by a Chicago classic, this lasagna will give all sorts of meats and cheeses at once for your taste buds. The onions and celery add a unique flavor to this you won't find anywhere else. Every bite is a relaxing departure from denying yourself what you really want.

Try it: Meat Lasagna

9. Mac N Cheese

10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Mac N Cheese

This American classic is something you'll absolutely love at the end of the week. Of course, it has the cheeses you want in your meal, but the texture is what really separates this mac n cheese from the rest. The thick and gooey texture gives every bite the perfect attack on your taste buds. It goes best when combined with our other meal kits.

Try it: Mac N Cheese

10. Shrimp And Asparagus With Parmesan Grits


10 Meal Kits for Cheat Day | Shrimp and Parmesan GritsThis dish is one of our most interesting cheat day breaks. It combines the Southern style of cooking with seafood and asparagus to create something nobody will resist. The Parmesan grits are probably one of the most unique and delightful new dishes we've come up with in a while. Give them a try this weekend.

Try it: Shrimp And Asparagus With Parmesan Grits