Around the World in 8 Plates

Get your passports ready—it’s time to take a culinary tour around the world! Every country tells a story of their heritage and culture through their food, and we want to share those with you. We’ve created this deliciously fun cooking challenge—Around the World in 8 Plates.

Fill your cart with these 8 delicious dishes from some of the best chefs in the world to start your culinary tour.

Around the World in 8 Plates

Around the World in 8 Plates

Stop #1: America

The Ultimate Charred Burger

Around the World in 8 Plates | American Burger

Let’s start in our home country. What’s more American than a downright delicious burger? This burger from Chef Chris Santos will knock you off your feet. With a Jågermeister infused patty and chipotle aioli, this flavorful burger encompasses all things American—burgers, fries, and awesome flavor.

Try it: The Ultimate Charred Burger

Stop #2: Ireland

Cottage Pie

Around the World in 8 Plates | Ireland's Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie is a common Irish dish that dates back to the 1700’s. Made from potato crust and filled with seasoned beef, this was an economical way to use common leftover basics. This recipe from is a more elevated version of this classic dish. This casserole-like dish is packed with seasoned ground beef, fresh crimini mushrooms, peas, heaps of garlic, and nutmeg that is buried in a generous layer of mashed potatoes, baked, and served.

Try it: Cottage Pie

Stop #3: France

Beef Bourguignon with Mashed Potatoes and Herbed Green Beans

Around the World in 8 Plates | France's Beef Bourguignon

Moving along with our tour, we’re going to enjoy the fresh flavors of France. One of the most popular French dishes is Beef Bourguignon or Beef Burgundy. This dish originates from the Burgundy region of France, where we also get other common dishes, such as escargot, Coq Au Vin, and more. This dish features beef braised in red wine and flavored with garlic, pearl onions, bacon, and mushrooms. Served with potatoes and typically a green vegetable, you’ll get a hearty dish that’s packed with savory flavors.

Try it: Beef Bourguignon with Mashed Potatoes and Herbed Green Beans

Stop #4: Greece

Chicken Souvlaki

Around the World in 8 Plates | Greece's Chicken Souvlaki

We’re halfway through our tour! Let’s keep it moving with our next stop in Greece. Pronounced Su-vlaci, this popular Greece fast food consists of meat and veggies typically served or cooked on a skewer or in a fresh pita bread and tart tzatziki sauce. The light and fresh flavors of this dish perfectly encompass Greek culture.

Try it: Chicken Souvlaki

Stop #5: Italy

Veal Bolognese with Ricotta Garlic Toasts

Around the World in 8 Plates | Italy's Veal Bolognese

Bolognese is an Italian classic. Bolognese is a type of meat-based pasta sauce that originated in Bologna, Italy, hence the name. Beef, onion, celery, carrot, and garlic are some of the most common ingredients found in this flavorful sauce. Our chef partner, Becky Reams has developed an unbelievably flavorful version of this classic dish from Italy. With heaps of fluffy Pappardelle pasta, you’ll sink into this veal bolognese.

Try it: Veal Bolognese with Ricotta Garlic Toasts


Stop #6: India

Curried Coconut Chicken with Dried Cherry and Mint Basmati Rice

Around the World in 8 Plates | Indian Curry

Curry is synonymous with Indian culture and cuisine. This flavorful stew-like dish is typically a complex combination of herbs and spices that normally include dried hot chilies. Curries can be served both dry and wet. Dry curries use a small amount of liquid that helps cover the other ingredients in the dish, such as proteins and vegetables to get a light coating of the curry. Wet curries use more liquids, such as cream, coconut milk, broth, or yogurt. This curry recipe from uses a medium amount of coconut milk to create a creamy, but not a too liquidy texture. Served with fluffy and light mint basmati rice, you’ll be transported directly to India in a single bite.

Try it: Curried Coconut Chicken with Dried Cherry and Mint Basmati Rice


Stop #7: Vietnam

Pho with Flank Steak and Rice Noodles

Around the World in 8 Plates | Vietnamese Pho

Pho is one of the trendiest dishes right now, so naturally, it landed a spot on our culinary tour. Pho is considered as the national dish of Vietnam. This soup is deceptively simple, yet takes hours upon hours to create. The broth is painstakingly created using a myriad of fresh ingredients. After about 5-8 hours, it gains a savory flavor that is complemented by a plate full of toppings. We’ve partnered with the leading chef, Andrea Nguyen, who has simplified her Vietnamese family’s recipe into a quick, easy, and delicious pho meal kit that you can whip up at home.

Try it: Pho with Flank Steak and Rice Noodles

Stop #8: Argentina

Chimichurri Steak

Around the World in 8 Plates | Argentina's Chimichurri

We’re almost back home! Our last leg of our culinary tour ends in Argentina. Chimichurri is an Argentinean staple. Made with chopped parsley, minced garlic, oregano, vegetable oil, and white wine vinegar, you’ll create a chunky marinade-like sauce that gives life to steak, fish, and poultry. This recipe from Atkins allows you to experience the wonders of chimichurri at home. Slather this creation on top of a perfectly seared steak and you’ll instantly be inspired for your next vacation down south.

We hope you enjoyed our tour! Share your experiences along the way by sharing your culinary creations on social media using #GetChefd!

Try it: Chimichurri Steak

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