8 Life-Changing Benefits of Our College Meal Plan

College is hard. Meal planning doesn’t have to be.

Our college student meal plan, created by Spoon University, is designed to take the stress out of meal planning so students can focus on what matters most—school.

Pizza, ramen, and microwaveable meals have become the standard menu for a college student, but it doesn’t have to be.

The Spoon University Meal Plan gives college students the ability to eat well all week long without the need of a full kitchen. See how this meal plan can help your student live a better, more balanced life below!

1. Spend Less Time Waiting at the Dining Hall

No matter the time, the dining hall is always packed. The lines are out the door and the food goes fast.

This is one of the biggest issues college students face when it comes to their diet.

Most college students rush to get in line, realize they don’t have the time to wait, and then leave. They start the day on an empty stomach, not knowing when the next time is to get food.

Not only is this extremely bad for the body, but also the mind. Hunger is constantly on the brain, distracting from learning and retaining important information.

What’s the solution to this inevitable problem? The Spoon University Meal Plan.

This weekly plan gives college students everything they need to have a delicious and nutritious week—without the wait. Everything is delivered right to their door, allowing them to skip the dining hall, coffee shop, or cafeteria lines and get the nutrition their body craves.

They can cook meals at home or bring snacks on the go, allowing for day-long wellness—no more skipped meals, no more growling stomachs during exams.

2. No More Grocery Shopping

There’s nothing worse than having to schedule a trip to the grocery store when bogged down with a busy school schedule. There are more important things to be done.

With the Spoon University Meal Plan, grocery shopping becomes a thing of the past. Everything a college student could possibly need for the week—including snacks—is delivered right to their door.

Not only is this a great benefit for busy college students, but also those that don’t have the ability to get to the grocery store. Lugging bags of groceries on the bus, by foot, or via subway is no fun—this college meal plan is.

3. Say Goodbye to Meal Planning

Grocery shopping and meal planning go hand-in-hand. Before heading out to the store, creating a meal plan is necessary. This step is another time-draining activity that can keep college students from completing their most important tasks.

Eliminate meal planning for good by using this innovative college meal plan!

Once signed in, college students will be able to choose from a variety of delicious meals that cater to their specific taste preferences.

Our choices range from gourmet grilled cheeses to protein-packed quinoa bowls, allowing students to build a menu as diverse as they want. The best part? They can build their meal plan right from their

4. Reduce Food Waste

Food waste is a very big problem in America. About one-third of all food produced around the world is wasted. With the Spoon University Meal Plan, students can help reduce the amount of food wasted.

Because each and every meal is pre-portioned to the T, food will never be wasted. Everything that comes in the Spoon University Meal Kit is chosen with purpose. We’re conscious of this epidemic and ensure that our meals are precisely measured to help reduce food waste around the country.

With this meal plan, college students can do their part in this global initiative while eating delicious foods.

5. Learn to Navigate the Kitchen

College is not only a time for learning, it’s also a time for self-exploration. This is the first time in a college student’s life where they are left to their own devices. They’re learning the in’s and out’s of operating their own lives without the help of mom and dad.

After a life of being served meal after meal, most college students can’t tell the difference between a cucumber and a zucchini. With this meal plan, they’ll be able to accomplish more than that.

They’ll have the opportunity to explore new ingredients, techniques, and skills all in the comforts of their own kitchen—whether that’s inside a dorm, apartment, or home.

6. Become a Better Cook

The Spoon University Meal Plan makes it easier than ever before for college students to increase their skills in the kitchen.

Each meal included in the plan comes with step by step instructions and valuable cooking tips. This gives students the instruction they need to complete the meal, but the freedom to explore their cooking skills on their own.

7. Avoid the Vending Machine & Eat Better Foods

Vending machines have become one of the most common ways that college students stay nourished throughout a day on campus. Filling up on chips, cookies, and other junk foods only fuels them for so long.

Our meal plan is filled with grab-n-go meals that are designed specifically for college students to throw in their bag and head to class.

Fresh tamales, protein-packed wraps, and crisp salads are just a few of the many grab-n-go’s in this meal plan. Everything is pre-portioned and packaged so they’ll stay fresh throughout the day.

This gives students the nutrition they need to stay focused so they can avoid the temptations of the vending machine for good.

8. Explore New and Exciting Flavors

It easy to get stuck in the same food routine. Grabbing your most used items off the shelves is natural, easy, and allows you to avoid meal planning altogether.

While this might be a great convenience for some, it leads to a less than exciting experience for your taste buds.

With the Spoon University Meal Plan, students will be able to experience new and exciting flavors without the normal hassles (or hefty price tags) that come with it. New ingredients are shipped fresh every week, giving students the opportunity to try new foods while learning the fundamentals of cooking.