7 Fusion Food Creations You'll Want to Cook Tonight

Fusion food combines the best flavors, together. This variety of cuisine takes our favorite bites out of different culinary traditions and fuses them together in one meal, creating unique and flavorful dishes.

Light the Fuse on Dinner

Imagine having one of your favorite foods fused into another one of your favorite foods. You no longer have to choose between Greek food or hamburgers, because now you can have a Greek hamburger.

Does someone in your family crave tacos? Does someone else crave curry? You can have Indian spiced beef tacos.

With a bright imagination, the varieties are endless.

Lasagna Soup

Rich tomato soup creates a creamy base with mafalde ribbon pasta noodles and a velvety Parmesan and ricotta cheese blend.

With spicy Italian pork sausage, this Lasagna Soup is what dreams are made of.

Both soup and lasagna are top comfort foods and when they're combined it's a dream come true.

Take comfort in knowing that you can create this decadent dish and have it ready to go, on the table, in less than an hour.

Asian Tacos

You don’t have to travel abroad to enjoy the best Asian street fusions. 

This taco meal kit from Soy Vay features teriyaki chicken, topped with coleslaw, seasoned with sriracha, cilantro, and Fresno Chile, all wrapped up in a corn tortilla.

Taste buds take off like firecrackers after trying these Asian Tacos

You might have the hankering to wrap everything in tortillas!

Indian Spiced Beef Short Rib Tacos

So, we heard that you want to wrap everything in tortillas. These Indian Spiced Beef Short Rib Tacos are a mouthful of bursting flavor.

Wrap the tender sous vide beef short ribs with soft, homemade Mexican tortillas

Foodie hack: If a bite is ever too spicy, eat a dollop of Greek yogurt to soothe the intensity.

With mango chutney, vindaloo curry powder, and garam masala, each bite of taco will transport you on an expedition of heavenly yum.

Pizza Pork Chops

Pizza Pork Chops are a favorite among adults and it will surely have your kids exclaiming, “more, please!”. This nostalgic dish is a combination of two beloved meals, created by award-winning chef Aaron McCargo Jr.

Pork chops are already so good, but to top it off with crushed tomatoes, oregano, and mozzarella cheese—you will create the essence of a pizza pie. Mamma Mia!

Greek Hamburger

This low-carb meal kit brings forth the meaty and satisfying juiciness of a burger, but with a Mediterranean flare. It’s not just ground beef.

This Greek Hamburger is also baby spinach, green onions, feta cheese, and oregano, all in one. With this Atkins recipe, you can skip the buns, hun, and wrap those patties up with butterhead lettuce. This meal kit also comes with a zucchini salad—so fresh.

Pasta with Ham and Pork Chorizo

When we think pasta, (and we think about it often), we might usually think about Italy. And with chorizo, we think about Latin-inspired dishes. How do Cubanos enjoy pasta?

They cook up Pasta with Ham and Pork Chorizo.

From our November chef of the month, Ana Quincoces, this pasta fuses together cultures and flavors, inspiring a hearty and zesty dish.

Thai Chicken Flatbread

This Thai Chicken Flatbread will give pizza lovers everywhere a run for their money.

Sub out pizza crust with garlic naan, and you’ve got yourself a fusion flatbread.

With Thai peanut sauce and mozzarella cheese, this robust meal will have your family thinking you’ve had a culinary stroke of genius.

Hungry for more? Explore our Fusion Foods collection for more meal kit recipes.

More Than Just Conversation Starters

These fusion food meals are like taking excursions during the course of dinner, within your own kitchen. It’s a fun way to discover new flavors by melting together favorites.

Is there a meal kit in particular that you’re jazzed to try? Which two foods would you love to see fused together? Let us know by leaving a comment. And if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.