7 Easy Ways to Eat Healthier This Week

Looking to make better choices in the kitchen this week? No matter the reason, staying healthy during the week is a lot easier said than done. The obligatory happy hour, dinner and drinks with an old friend, and those times where you just don’t want to cook—all of these things happen, but don’t let them get in the way of your goals.

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week

Avoiding these temptations is difficult, but they’re not as hard if you enter the week prepared. Here are seven easy ways to help you eat healthier this week.

1. Make Your Breakfast Ahead of Time so You Don’t End up Going Through the Drive-thru

7 Ways to Eat Healthier This Week | Breakfast Meal Kits

Being hangry in the morning is never a good thing. Driving in traffic on an empty stomach almost always leads to a bad decision. Bagels, sausage and egg sandwiches, hash browns—all of these quick and easy breakfasts can derail your efforts of being healthy faster than you can say, “good morning”.

To avoid these temptations, fill your belly with a nourishing breakfast like overnight oats! Our meal kit partner Quaker® has created three delicious Overnight Oat recipes that will have you up and ready to conquer the day in no time. Assemble all the ingredients the night before, pop it in the fridge, and voila! Breakfast is served! It really is that simple—and delicious.

Try it: Quaker® Overnight Oats

2. Fill Your Meals With Seasonal Veggies

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week | Seasonal Meal Kits

Add the freshest foods to your weekly menu by shopping for what’s in season! Check out our produce guide for the month of February to help you choose the best, freshest meal kits this month.

3. Cut Down on Carbs with Atkins

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week | Atkins, Low Carb Meal Kits

If you’ve fallen off the wagon, there’s no better way to get back on than with a low carb diet. Our meal kit partner Atkins has transformed some of their top low-carb recipes into convenient meal kits to help people like you seamlessly start a healthy lifestyle.

By signing up for a meal plan with Atkins, you’ll have all your meals for the week, perfectly pre-portioned and delivered right to your door. No more slip ups at the grocery store—your kitchen will only be filled with the exact ingredients you need to create delicious, low-carb meals throughout the week.

Try it: Start an Atkins Meal Plan

4. Avoid Temptations by Preparing Your Lunches for the Week

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week | Meal Prep Meal Kits

Think our meal kits are only good for one-time use? Think again! All of our meal kits come in both two and four serving options. Make the most of these gourmet, good-for-you creations and grab yourself a four serving box. Prep, cook, and pre-portion all four servings—viola—lunches for the week are complete!

Try it: Southwestern Chicken Bowl, Asian Steak Salad

5. Feed Your Sweet Tooth with a Better-for-you Dessert

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week | Healthy Dessert Meal Kits

Our meal kit partner Foodstirs specializes in creating desserts from the best ingredients, ensuring a memorable and delicious experience. We’ve worked the Foodstirs team to create Snickerdoodle Cookies unlike any other. Made with only USDA organic, GMO-free, and ethically sourced ingredients, you can feed your sweet tooth without the guilt.

Try it: Snickerdoodles

6. Swap Tortillas for Lettuce

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week | Healthy Meal Kits

We get it—you can’t go a week without Taco Tuesday. Rather than gorging at your favorite taco spot, try making them at home. Swap out the tortillas for an even healthier alternative to your favorite Mexican dish. You’ll cut back on carbs without compromising on flavor.

Try it: Asian Lettuce Wraps, Chicken Lettuce Wraps

7. Make Your Meals More Colorful

7 Simple Tricks to Help You Eat Better This Week | Healthy Meal Kits

The more color on your plate, the better. Vibrant green lettuce, red bell peppers, bright carrots—try to achieve a rainbow on your plate. This will help you increase your veggie intake and keep you healthy throughout the week!

Try it: Coconut Curry with Black Forbidden Rice