6 Unique and Bizarre Cocktails You'll Want to Try (or Avoid)

Some of these cocktails get really weird, so we’re going to start you off easy.

 [Photo Source:  Tablespoon ]

[Photo Source: Tablespoon]

Pick Your Poison

I’ll have my usual—you might say this when you walk into a bar.

But if you’re an adventurous drinker, or you’re just curious about what’s out there, take a gander at these five unique and bizarre cocktails from around the world.


It’s not quite beer, and it’s not quite lemonade. But mix the two together, throw in some vodka, and you’ve got yourself Beerade. This recipe calls for pilsner, but if that’s not your jam, then any lager of your preference will work fine.

Beerade is the MVP of game day. Pair it with hot wings, or pizza, kick back under a shade umbrella and enjoy.

Red Velvet Shortcake Cocktail

 [Photo Source:  Restless Chipotle ]

[Photo Source: Restless Chipotle]

Do you love dessert? Of course, you do. There is actually a vodka that is “red velvet” flavored. Finally! Mix this vodka in a shaker with sliced strawberries, add a bit of lemon juice, and pour it into a glass of cream soda.

With this alcoholic beverage, it’s like you’re drinking a dessert. Can this be considered a juice cleanse? Please? Check out the recipe, here.

The Twelve Mile Limit Cocktail

 [Photo Source:  Sioux City Journal ]

[Photo Source: Sioux City Journal]

This drink is comparable to Long Island Ice Teas because just one serving can get you indubitably drunk. The Twelve Mile Limit cocktail is made up of rum, rye, brandy, grenadine, and lemon. It’s a pretty obscure drink nowadays, but it was very popular in the Prohibition-era.

The name of this drink hilariously pokes fun of Prohibition-era laws. During this time, it was illegal to consume and distribute alcohol in the U.S. and offshore. However, the law stated that it was legal for alcohol to be distributed, (for trade purposes), twelve miles off the coast. So, as you can imagine, there were many secret boat parties.

Prairie Chicken Cocktail

 [Photo Source:  Travel + Leisure ]

[Photo Source: Travel + Leisure]

This is a weird one.

The Prairie Chicken cocktail is gin-based—wait, that’s not the weird part. Crack open an egg, put it in a glass, but don’t break the yolk. Next, pour in some gin and top it off with salt and pepper.

Maybe it tastes like chicken. Maybe it’s something only Rocky would drink. Maybe you’ll love it. Maybe it’ll give you the eye of the tiger. Who knows?

Mac & Cheese Jell-O Shots

 [Photo Source:  MLive ]

[Photo Source: MLive]

Only try this drink if you’re very, very adventurous—or, if you want to have macaroni and cheese ruined for you for forever. Begin with the basics: macaroni, milk, and Velveeta. So far, so good, right?

Next, you will need to create cheese rum. Yes, cheese rum.

Take a package of powdered cheese and mix it with rum. Presto. Check out the recipe source, here.

Smoker’s Cough Cocktail

 [Photo Source:  Bonappetit ]

[Photo Source: Bonappetit]

Someone either had to be provocatively creative, or unquestionably brave, to invent this cocktail shooter. Perhaps this was a triple dog dare that went way, way too far.

In any case, take a glass and pour a shot and a half worth of Jagermeister into it; then, add one teaspoon of mayonnaise. When the mayonnaise infuses into the drink, it will look like smoke traveling through the glass. This drink will surely turn you off to smoking, and probably drinking, too.

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Hakuna M’Vodka—what a wonderful phrase!

Do you feel inspired to give any of these interesting drinks a gamble? Or, have you already tried them all and this was just a review for you? Is there a unique cocktail out there that you believe should be on this list? Let us know by leaving a comment. Ask us any questions, too. Bottom’s up!