5 Treats for Your Halloween Party

Halloween is upon us and the ghosts and goblins of all ages are coming out to celebrate the spooky side of life. It is a night to show off the most creative costumes while enjoying traditional activities like trick or treating, bobbing for apples, and haunted house tours. When you are hosting your own Halloween party, you want to deliver Halloween treats to your guests and still have time to enjoy the fun yourself.

5 Halloween Treats for Your Costume Party

This Halloween you won't have to spend the whole day preparing for the night, because Chef'd has selected five Halloween food ideas to make your Halloween party a little sweeter with an hour or less of prep time.

S'mores Cookies

5 Treats for Your Halloween Party

Do you have memories of flickering campfires and spooky stories in the woods? A mainstay of summer camping trips, this kitchen creation of the classic treat is just as satisfying when served as Halloween sweets. Bring back the childlike sense of wonder for your guests with the gooey goodness of the marshmallow fluff and sinfully sweet Hershey's milk chocolate center of this graham cracker cookie treat. It takes less than an hour to bake.

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Unicorn Crispy Treats

5 Treats for Your Halloween Party

The unicorn is a mythological beast who is associated with an unseen magical world, but this unicorn recipe works a magic of its own. With this delicious no-bake recipe, the melted marshmallows do half the work to make a sweet treat that your guests will remember. The sweet mixture features fruity pebbles cereal in a buttery concoction that is sure to have the kids coming back for seconds and can be ready in minutes. A safe no-heat recipe lets you team up with your little vampires and werewolves to create easy Halloween treats in the kitchen.

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Sinfully Sweet Brownies

5 Treats for Your Halloween Party

As the nights grow longer and colder the imagination runs wild, and even sweet treats like this can have a dark side. These brownies are not shy about showing that side with a double dose of Oreo cookies mixed into the batter and sprinkled on top. Cookie and brownie fans alike will delight in the crunchy yet chewy recipe that this Chef'd original has created especially for your Halloween shindig.

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 Treats for Your Halloween Party

Who says that our Halloween treat ideas can't be wholesome too? Nobody here in the Chef'd offices. Brooke Williamson brings us this meal kit designed to have mouth-watering peanut butter cookies fully baked and cooling on the counter in only 30 minutes. With only six ingredients and a quick mixture, you can have this batch ready to go well before the trick or treaters arrive.

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Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

5 Treats for Your Halloween Party

Even autumn celebrations can be haunted by the ghost of summer, and this traditional fall treat has a little kiss goodbye from the warmer months with a dollop of strawberry jam topping the buttery, flaky deliciousness of this sweet cookie treat. Brought to us by Foodstirs, the strawberry signature on the traditional cookie recipe is a snack that can be a centerpiece for a well-provisioned dessert tray at your All Hallows Eve bash.

Try it: Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

Want More Treats?

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