5 Recipes on the Cutting Edge of Culinary

Introducing Meal Kits from Munchies

What’s teetering on the cutting edge of the culinary world? Anything and everything produced by Munchies.

What is Munchies?

Munchies is a global food publication from the unapologetic brand, Vice. Vice is known for producing groundbreaking content on a wide variety of topics—from politics to fashion. Munchies, the food and drink branch of Vice, has been introduced as a place to discover new cultures through the taste buds. Munchies celebrates and pays homage to hundreds of different cultures and highlights them through a broad base of culinary experiences. They wrap it up in bite-sized and full-course articles that are published both in print and video.

Their dedication to food and its global purpose has earned recognition from the James Beard Foundation while also making them one of the leaders in the online culinary space.

One of Munchies’ most featured chefs, Matty Matheson, is the epitome of Vice’s tone, attitude, and charisma. His ‘no regrets’ attitude, wild cooking style, and even wilder vocabulary are synonymous with Munchies and Vice, so much so that he was given his own culinary web series, called Dead Set on Life on VICELAND. This show documents his boisterous love of food and adventure while showcasing both his wild demeanor and passion for all things food—no matter where it comes from. Now in its third season, Matty Matheson has become a household name for all things delicious for the Millennial generation.

We’ve partnered with Munchies and Matty Matheson to bring some of his wildest recipes to life. In just four clicks, you can have some of his most beloved summertime meals delivered right to your door—ready to cook. Not only will you be able to enjoy some of the most interesting foods from his adventures, but you’ll also learn and explore new cooking methods that Matty uses everyday.

5 Drool Worthy Meal Kits That Let You Cook Like Matty

Steak Sandwich with Kale Salad

 Meal Kits from Munchies | Steak Sandwich with Kale Salad

Feeling bold? Make this Steak Sandwich for breakfast. That’s what Matty Matheson does. The spicy, yet refreshing kale chimichurri sits atop a healthy portion of flap meat that is sandwiched between two pieces of toasted, garlicky bread that give the perfect crunch. A light and bright heirloom tomato salad with a lemon-parmesan vinaigrette round out this flavor-packed dish.

Try it: Steak Sandwich with Kale Salad

All Day Breakfast Hash

 Meal Kits from Munchies | All Day Breakfast Hash

Ignite your senses for the day with this flavorful breakfast hash. This dish was inspired from the many morning-afters where anything would satisfy Matty’s hunger. Throw everything in a pan, crack some eggs into it, and, voila—breakfast is served. 

For even more flavor, toss everything in your trusted cast iron pan and pop it in the oven for a few minutes to give all of the ingredients a crispy, crunchy shell.

Try it: All Day Breakfast Hash

Spicy Pan Fried Half Chicken with Coleslaw and Corn

Meal Kits from Munchies | Spicy Pan Fried Half Chicken

Want fried chicken but don’t have any flour on-hand? Matty Matheson’s recipe will save the day. Rather that coating each piece of chicken in flour and egg, simply season, fry, and douse in spices immediately after cooking. This creates less mess, less cleanup, and plenty of tender and juicy chicken.

Why add the spices after cooking the chicken? The hot oil will burn off the spices while cooking. Get the chicken perfect first, then coat in your spice mixture to let the hot oil suck in all the flavor.

Try it: Spicy Pan Fried Half Chicken with Coleslaw and Corn

Trout Almondine

Meal Kits from Munchies | Trout Almondine 

Chef Matty Matheson grew up eating trout. This recipe pays homage to his upbringing by showcasing the nutty, toasted flavors of this fish. You’ll create a one-of-a-kind butter sauce using lemon juice and almonds that heighten the flavor of the fish without weighing it down.  

Try it: Trout Almondine

Chocolate Mousse

 Meal Kits from Munchies | Chocolate Mousse

Let’s not forget about dessert. Chocolate mousse is a go-to dish for chef Matty—and easy for the home cook to make. Simply melt chocolate and fold it into whipped cream to create a tried and true mousse that will hit the spot after just about any meal.

Try it: Chocolate Mousse

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