Back to School | 5 Lunch Ideas for Kids

The best part of any child's school day is taking out their lunchbox and eating a homemade meal from home. Normally, the idea of a school lunch brings up images of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or apples with juice boxes. That doesn't mean you can't be creative and change up the school lunches your kids will take with them.

5 Quick and Easy Lunch Ideas for Kids

These great lunch ideas for kids are sure to make their time at the cafeteria their favorite time of the day. We deliver these meal kits and you'll be able to prepare them easily and quickly.

1. Pimento Mac And Cheese With Cornbread Topping

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids | Pimento Mac And Cheese With Cornbread Topping

Like most comfort foods, Mac n Cheese is a staple of Southern cuisine, so it isn't surprising that cornbread can really add something special to it. MasterChef Junior winner, Logan Guleff has created this mac n cheese with gooey mozzarella and crunchy cornbread crumbs contrast to make the dish perfect for little taste buds while the pimento gives it a mild but discernible kick. Four servings of this a week will be perfect for your lunch box ideas.

Try it: Pimento Mac And Cheese With Cornbread Topping

2. Beef And Mushroom Bolognese

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids | Beef and Mushroom Bolognese

Ditch the bologna and salami for this amazing dish from Ready Set Eat. The beef and mushrooms mingle within the tomato sauce of the bolognese to make this perfect for healthy lunches for kids. Parmesan cheese and garlic give the entire dish a strong Italian taste while the yellow onion smooths things out with a light zest.

Try it: Beef And Mushroom Bolognese

3. Kids’ BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza With Sliced Apple Wedges

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids | BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza

Another Italian offering among our lunch ideas for kids, pizzas aren't exactly unheard of among school lunches, but BBQ chicken on a pita pizza is unique. The BBQ sauce and the pizza sauce combine to bring two seemingly distant flavors into harmony. Even better, the pita bread makes this dish much healthier than the pizzas your young ones might find in their school cafeteria.

Try it: Kids’ BBQ Chicken Pita Pizza With Sliced Apple Wedges

4. Kids’ Pepperoni Pita Pizza

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids | Pepperoni Pita Pizza

Obviously, pepperoni pizza is being served in school cafeterias across this country, but you'll love how our take on the classic makes the entire ensemble much healthier. The pita crusts offer something without all of the carbohydrates typically found in pepperoni pizza while still giving it a special crunch. When your kids have finished off the pizza, the Pink Lady apple will serve as an excellent nutritious dessert to top it off. These apples are low in calories but loaded with an assortment of vitamins and minerals they need to grow up.

Try it: Kids' Pepperoni Pita Pizza

5. Kids' Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Lunch Box Ideas for Kids | Kids' Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

This special offering gives something completely different from the rest of our list. With this chicken teriyaki, we give your kids sous vide chicken served in soy teriyaki sauce. The pineapples and snow peas add nutrition to the exotic dish while maintaining a flavor every child will enjoy. If you don't want to spend a long time preparing meals for your children, you'll love how quick preparing this meal is. It takes just 10 minutes before it's ready to serve in a bowl with brown rice. This dish can be made every single day of the week, no matter how busy you are.

Try it: Kids' Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

Want More Lunch Box Ideas?

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