4 Unique Ways to Cook with Lemons

Lemons have a reputation as one of the most difficult food items to work with. However, you don't have to let that stop you from creating the most delectable dishes you can. With our simple cooking tips, anyone can make an amazing homemade meal with lemons.

4 Unique Ways to Cook with Lemons

The meal kit delivery system we have gives people access to amazing recipes that no one else can compare their dishes to—you'll have no problem finding great meal kits cooking with lemons. We know life can give you lemons sometimes, but there are so many recipes you can decide to work with. Here's a list of some of our ways to work with lemons:

1. Use as a Garnish

Unique Ways to Cook with Lemon | Use as a Garnish for Cupcakes

The simple appearance of the lemon can do wonders for any dish. These lemon chia cupcakes have a distinct flavor you can't forget. The lemon garnish adds to the aesthetic value of the dish in addition to the flavor. Cut the lemon slices and place them on top of the cupcakes to give each one a bright and colorful topping. Give the lemon wedges time to sit on top of the cupcakes. It gives these tasty morsels an extra zesty kick to their chia flavored goodness.

Try it: Lemon Chia Cupcakes

2. Create a Flavorful Aioli

Unique Ways to Cook with Lemon | Create a Flavorful Aioli for Fish

The baked fish, the exotic subtropical mahi-mahi, is perfect for the aioli sauce included in our meal kit. You may have tried this fish before, but you'll love adding your own lemon flavored aioli into the mix. Aioli is a Mediterranean sauce made with garlic and olive oil. You'll need to add the garlic and lemon juice in the same amount to make sure the flavors properly "fuse" together. Make sure to heat the olive oil before you add in the lemon juice to prevent the loss of any lemon flavor from heat. You'll absolutely love what you can do with this meal kit.

Try it: Baked Fish with Lemon Aioli

3. Make Your Own Butter

Unique Ways to Cook with Lemon | Make Your Own Butter

When we give you our meal kits, you'll even be able to create your own lemon butter. Making the butter isn't too hard to do. You simply mix the ingredients in a bowl until you get the creamy texture you need. As you stir the butter, add in lemon juice to give the butter the tarty flavor you want. Once you've stirred the butter to creamy perfection, you can spread across the grilled New York steak included in the meal kit.

Try it: Grilled New York Steak with Lemon Herb Butter

4. Brighten Up Broth

Unique Ways to Cook with Lemon | Brighten Up Broth for Chicken Noodle Soup

Everyone had chicken noodle soup when they were growing up, but you'll find this modern take on the classic a delight to cook. The lemon and dill flavoring of this chicken meatball soup will give you a completely new way of enjoying a childhood classic. To add a zesty touch to the broth of the chicken meatball soup, you stir it in while you're cooking the soup. As the hearty meatballs absorb the lemon flavor, you'll probably notice a change in the color of the soup. Continue until you reach the desired tarty flavor.

Try it: Lemon Dill Chicken Meatball Soup

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