4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Grapefruit

4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Grapefruit | Chef'd Meal Kits

Tart and tangy, grapefruits are packed with flavor. Their underlying sweetness is cut by a savory bitterness that rivals the ever popular taste of our favorite citrus—the orange.

What does a grapefruit have an orange doesn’t? Immense health benefits that qualify them as superfruits.

4 Health Benefits of Grapefruits

If you’re looking to add more delicious and nutritious foods into your diet, give grapefruits a try! Here are 4 health benefits you can expect from these tart and tangy fruits.

1. Eliminates Stress

Grapefruits and a variety of other citrus fruits are known to reduce anxiety and stress levels due to their fragrant smell. This is a great way for those that don’t necessarily enjoy the pungent taste of grapefruit to ease their way into adding it into their diet completely. Give it just a few whiffs and viola! Enjoy aromatic relaxation.

2. Boosts Your Immune Strength

It seems like there’s always a bug going around. The coughs and sneezes around the office can only be avoided for so long. With a little help from Vitamin C-packed grapefruit, you can build up an added layer of protection in your immune system to fight common colds.

3. Keeps Kidney Stones Away

Kidney stones are painful buildups of calcium that settle in your body. If you’ve ever had one, you know and understand the pain of passing one, or having to get them broken up by a doctor. To avoid kidney stones completely, try adding grapefruits into your diet. Grapefruits contain Naringenin, a compound that adds to the bitter taste of grapefruits. This compound is known to successfully prevent kidney stones and keep your kidneys clean.

4. Increases Metabolism

New year, new you! If you’re like most, you’re probably looking to make some positive changes in your diet in the new year. Grapefruits can help give your body the extra little push it needs to send your new habits over the edge and give you real results.

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