4 Ideas to Create a Stunning Holiday Dinner Party

The holiday season is upon us! Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now the only thing on our minds is Christmas. Lights are being hung, trees are being decorated, and the buzz of planning holiday party after holiday party is in the air.

4 Ideas to Create a Stunning Holiday Dinner Party

No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, there’s always one common theme: food. Food is always at the center of any celebration. Whether you’re hosting an informal ugly sweater party or a formal sit-down dinner, there’s always an opportunity to celebrate with delicious food.

Holiday roasts, hearty sides, and who can forget the endless amount of desserts—all these delicious meals flood the holiday table. While the food alone can act as a centerpiece, we want to help you make your holiday table even more special.

4 Gorgeous Holiday Table Setting Ideas

Below, we have compiled a few drool-worthy holiday table decor ideas that you can recreate in your own space this holiday season. From natural accents to bold colors, take a look below to find some inspiration for the perfect holiday table decor to accentuate your flavorful feast.

1. Natural Accents

Natural Accents

Image credit: Aventure Deco, Trending the Table, Trends-shaker

Rustic decor is on trend this season.

Rustic elegance isn’t governed by rules—textures, colors, and patterns collide to create a truly spectacular table for any occasion.

Whether you find rustic accents at a flea market or in your backyard, you’re sure to impress your guests with the laid-back, yet sophisticated atmosphere in your home.

Bring the outdoors inside with a few natural accents. Keep it simple with a winterberry leaf or holly sprig on a plate or really embrace this trend with fresh lumbar charger—the versatility of natural accents is endless.

2. Holiday Glam

Holiday Glam Table Setting

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Gold, silver, and who can forget about glitter? If you’re looking to take your holiday decor to the next level, glam it up! This trend calls for all things bigger and better. From shimmery table runners to extravagant place settings, you have full reign to bring out all the stops with this trend.

Make your holiday spread pop by surrounding it with decorative ornaments, garland, and crystal candlesticks to create a truly unforgettable night.

This versatile decor can seamlessly blend into your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Replace the holly with strawberries, the red wine with champagne, and the garland with confetti and you’re ready to ring in the new year!

3. Themed Table

Holiday Theme Table Setting

Image Credit: Violet Wool, Yellow Bliss Road, Chai and Home

No matter what you celebrate, celebrate it with pride!

Christmas brings lots of red and green, Christmas trees, reindeer, and mistletoe. The gorgeous menorah of Hanukkah can be dressed up with bright blue and white accents to create a winter wonderland for your friends and family. These holiday staples can be seamlessly incorporated into your tablescape to create a themed table spread the whole family will enjoy. 

4. Black and White

Black and White Table Setting

Image Credit: Wedding O’Mania, Laura Trevey

The timeless appeal of black and white decor can be used for nearly all holidays. It is one of the most elegant and classic color schemes that never goes out of style. Use it as a base to let other colors pop, or tie it in with metallics for a sophisticated look that your dinner party guests will love.