4 Fundamental Skills Kids Can Learn in the Kitchen

Childhood is a truly magical time where everything is new, everything can be a game, and life has limitless possibilities for fun. We believe that cooking and parenting go hand in hand and that some of the best memories of childhood are made in the kitchen.

The kitchen can be the best classroom your kids will ever have, teaching some life lessons sure to translate into greater health and success later in life.

Cooking with Kids | Learning Valuable Skills in the Kitchen

Here are four fundamental lessons your kiddos can pick up just by helping out around the kitchen.

1. Learning Patience

Fundamental Skills Kids Can Learn in the Kitchen | Patience

Whoever said that patience is a virtue really knew what they were talking about, and while patience is something you may often find yourself needing to exercise around the little ones the kitchen is the perfect place to teach it too. Whether it is waiting for a pot to come to a boil before putting in the pasta or having the patience to allow the oven to preheat to the correct temperature, little ones will get the chance to find out that good things come to those who wait.

2. Following Directions

Fundamental Skills Kids Can Learn in the Kitchen | Following Directions

Everyone who has ever tried to follow a recipe has discovered the hard way how important it is to follow directions. Even if it is a simple three or four step recipe you will have the chance to impact on your junior chef how important it is to follow all directions in the correct order. Following instructions regarding ingredients, timing, and temperatures are fundamental skills in the kitchen and the basis of nearly every job in the workforce.

3. Weighing and Measuring

Fundamental Skills Kids Can Learn in the Kitchen | Weighing and Measuring

While the little ones may not be ready for geometry just yet, it is never too early to teach them their weights and measures. Even if it is just as simple as taking a reading in a measuring cup or knowing the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon, Kiddos can gain a great sense of accomplishment from putting together a recipe correctly with their newfound knowledge.

4. Practicing Safety

Fundamental Skills Kids Can Learn in the Kitchen | Practicing Safety

Kids learn best by doing tasks and stimulating their senses, so they will naturally be eager to take a hands-on role. The importance of safety cannot be overstated. Misuse of kitchen utensils or appliances can be very dangerous, and learning the proper operation of them early can reduce the chance of injury not only during childhood but well into adulthood. Take the time to explain the consequences of mishandling sharper kitchen objects and demonstrating proper operation and you will be surprised how quickly young minds can pick up these skills.

How to Get Started

Our mission here at Chef'd is to provide meal kits so easy you will be able to put together delicious meals without an extra pair of hands but give your kids a go at proving just how easy they really are. You may just find that your little assistant in the kitchen may be the best kitchen staff a chef could ask for. Shop our Kids in the Kitchen collection now.