3 Summer Grilling Menu Ideas

3 Summer Grilling Menu Ideas

The summer is here and you know what that means—we’re moving the party outdoors. Graduations, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day—warm weather holidays are here and what better way to celebrate than with a table full of delicious foods.  Throughout the summer, you’ll be grilling up a storm.

We’ve created over 40 summer-inspired mains, sides, and desserts that are the perfect way to celebrate your summer deliciously. The more you order, the more you’ll save! Not only do you get to reap the benefits of awesome savings, but you’ll also get everything you need to host or attend your next summer party with ease. Be the hero at your next event by bringing one of our delicious grill season dishes—don’t worry, we’ll let you take all the credit.

What’s on the Menu?

This year, we’ve beefed up our Grill Season menu to include almost 50 mouthwatering options. Choose from 20 main dishes, 20 side dishes, and eight desserts so you can take complete control over your summer menu.

Here are just a few of the many dishes you can expect from our grill season menu.

3 Summer Grilling Menu Ideas You’ll Love

With all of our grilling meal kit options, you might be struggling with where to start. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next BBQ, here’s a few sample menus to get you started!


Backyard BBQ

3 Summer BBQ Menu Ideas | Backyard BBQ
Our Backyard BBQ is perfect for the casual family barbecue. Filled with summer classics like burgers and s'mores, this menu is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Gourmet Summer Dinner Party

3 Summer Menu Ideas | Gourmet Summer Dinner Party

Hosting an elegant summer dinner party? Don’t rule out your grill. We have a plethora of gourmet grilling options that are sure to impress your guests. We’ve created this sample menu with some of our most elevated recipes that will quickly become your new favorites.

King of the Grill

3 Summer Menu Ideas | King of the Grill

If you’re ready to get grilling this summer, this is the perfect lineup. Hearty ribs, corn, and potatoes are the staples of grilling. Create that smoky barbecue flavor that will have the whole neighborhood asking, “what are they cooking?”.

Summer is the time to get outside and enjoy the company of those you love the most. With these sample menus, we hope to help you host seamless parties from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Ready to Start Building Your Own Summer Menu?

With over 20 main dishes, 20 sides, and eight desserts, there are hundreds of possibilities. Start building your own summer menu by clicking on the link below!