3 Labor Day Menu Ideas

Labor Day is here—one last chance to fire up the grill before the fall weather comes in. Don’t know what to cook? We’ve got you covered.

3 Menu Ideas for a Delicious Labor Day

Whether you’re looking for classic grilling dishes or if you’re wanting to try bold new flavors, we’ve got the perfect meal kits for you.

Take a look at our three Labor Day menu ideas below to start planning a delicious and relaxing day for your friends and family.

Fiery Fiesta

Labor Day Menu Ideas

If you’ve had enough burgers and fries this summer, try something different. The BBQ Queens have created a spicy summer grilling menu that is sure to make your next backyard BBQ even more delicious.

This menu is all about bold flavors. For the main, we’ve chosen their Grilled Baja Fish Tacos. Filled with tender Mahi Mahi coated with blackening seasoning, these soft tacos will give you the crunch you crave with every bite. You’ll create a creamy tarragon coleslaw that cools each bite while adding a light a refreshing experience. These tacos come with a sweet corn on the cob that you’ll grill to perfection and slather in ancho-lime butter that will immediately transport you to the Baja coast.

We’ve also thrown in our popular Roasted avocado and jalapañeo salad to this menu. Made with crunchy onions, creamy avocado, tangy cotija and fiery peppers, you’ll experience a wide range of flavors in every bite.

Round out all of the flavors in this meal with vibrant White Chip Lemon Bars. Not too sweet, not too tart, these lemon bars possess just the right amount of everything. This dessert meal kit serves eight guests, giving everyone what they want—more dessert.

Summer Sandwiches

Labor Day Menu Ideas

Not ready to give up the bun just yet? You won’t have to with a piping hot, gooey, spicy Philly Cheese Steak from David Olsen. The Bachelor of Grilling himself knows the importance of flavor when it comes to the grill, which is why he’s come into the Chef’d kitchen to bring is most popular grill-inspired dishes to life in a series of insanely delicious meal kits. After years of traveling and learning the best cooking practices from chefs around the world, he’s developed a tantalizing menu that will help you experience flavor combinations you would’ve never thought of before.

The star of this menu is bold and hard-hitting. Juicy, grilled flank steak is sautéed with heaps of sweet peppers, onions, and mushrooms until caramelized to perfection. Stuffed inside a lightly toasted hoagie bun and smothered in provolone, it really doesn’t get any better.

We’ve paired this sandwich with a Sweet Potato Fries and Chipotle Aioli because who doesn’t love a good sandwich and fries? These fries are sweet, salty, and crispy, giving you the perfect balance to this hearty meal. The fiery chipotle aioli gives these sweet fries the kick they need without being overbearing.

For dessert, we’ve added our ever-popular No-Bake Toffee Fudge Bars to satisfy your chocolate craving after a salty meal. With heaps of HERSHEY'S Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips and marshmallows atop a buttery graham cracker crust, these bars will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Char-Grilled Everything

Labor Day Menu Ideas

If you’re like most, you probably can’t get enough of the grill during the summer months. You want everything grilled—so does Steven Raichlen. The king of grilling has taken a page out of his own book, Barbecue Sauces, Rubs and, Marinades–Bastes, Butters, and Glazes, Too!, and has transformed his famous barbecue grilled chicken into a ready to cook meal kit. We’ve paired this grill-heavy recipe with our other best-selling grill recipes to bring you a char-grilled experience that your friends and family will love.

This menu uses the grill to bring our new and exciting flavors to typical ingredients. Peaches, apples, chicken, and potatoes are all branded with crunchy, flavorful grill marks in this menu.

Juicy peaches are given a savory crunch that is paired with fluffy Mozzarella, seasonal Heirloom tomatoes, basil, and a balsamic glaze reduction that will make your tastebuds sing with every bite.

Halved fingerling potatoes are placed on the grill skin-on to create a thicker, simpler version of traditional French fries.

Chicken is smothered in an irresistible sugar rub that, when placed on the grill, creates a smokey, caramelization that will make you question why you don’t grill year-round.

Thinly sliced apples are baked inside cast iron skillet to create a crispy apple cake that is as delicious as it is patriotic. If you love the grill, you’ll love this menu.

Build Your Own Labor Day Menu

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