11 Gifts That Any College Student Would Love

Want to treat that college student in your life to something special? We’ve compiled a few gifts that will make their lives a lot easier—food, gadgets, and more! Keep reading to score your college student something they’ll totally love—and use.

1. Spoon U Meal Kit

So they’re not eating ramen and pizza 24/7.

11 Gifts That Any College Student Would Love | Spoon University

Our meal plan with Spoon University is filled with everything a student needs for a delicious and nutritious week. Full meals, snacks, drinks, and more are all delivered right to their door so they can spend less time at the grocery store and more time studying.

2. Instant Film Camera

Because what dorm isn’t plastered with pictures?

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Instant Film Camera


What’s the best part about college? The memories! Well, and, of course the priceless education you’ll receive. Make it easy for your student to snap and print their favorite moments of college with a instant film camera.

3. Bluetooth Speaker

So they can always keep the mood just right

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Bluetooth Speaker


Music is a huge part of a student's’ life. No matter if it’s used for concentration while studying or keeping the mood just right at parties, a bluetooth speaker will be their best friend. With no cords to get the music flowing, the student in your life will become the DJ wherever they are.

4. Portable External Battery

So they’re always connected

11 Gifts College Students will Love | External Battery

Urban Outfitters

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook—all of these go-to apps just so happen to be the most battery draining. There’s no time to head back to the dorms to charge up, and finding an available outlet around campus is like finding a needle in a haystack—in the dark. Get your student a fun external battery like this one so they’ll never be deprived of their beloved smartphone again.

5. Plush Comforter + Sheets Set

To refresh in ultra comfort after a long day of classes

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Plush Comforter & Sheet Set

Urban Outfitters

There's no better feeling than jumping into bed after a long hard day of work, so why not provide that luxury to your favorite college student! These plush, jersey bed sets are the perfect gift for the college student in your life that needs a bit more beauty sleep than others. They’re soft, cool, and easy to assemble—what more could you ask for?

6. Noise Canceling Headphones

for precision focus

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Noise Canceling Headphones


Loud crowds hogging the library? This is a norm that many college students face. With a pair of noise canceling headphones, their chatter will instantly be replaced with the sweet sounds of your favorite tunes. Grab a pair of headphones like these for that special student in your life—they’ll be forever grateful, especially when finals week rolls around.

7. An Oil Diffuser

To help calm nerves before big exams

11 Gifts College Students will Love | An Oil Diffuser


Dorm rooms shouldn’t be filled with stress. They should be a place for students to decompress after a gruelling day of classes. For a little added relaxation, gift an oil diffuser! The aromatic and relaxing scents of lavender, citrus, peppermint, and more will help rejuvenate your student and help the, relax before major exams and presentations.

8. Sriracha Keychains

In case of emergencies

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Sriracha Keychains


Bland ramen is student kryptonite. With a Sriracha keychain, no foods will ever be bland again. These pocket sized Sriracha bottles are the perfect gift to keep your food-loving student satisfied in a real flavor crisis.

9. A First Aid Kit

In case of actual emergencies

11 Gifts College Students will Love | First Aid Kit


For those real emergencies, grab one of these all inclusive first aid kits for your college student. You can rest assured that your student has everything they need to live safely in their dorms, no matter what comes their way.

10. A Planner/Journal

To keep track of assignments

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Planner/Journal

Urban Outfitters

This hybrid planner and journal will let your student get everything out of their mind and onto paper, ensuring every assignment is met, every thought is over analyzed, and every brilliant idea is saved.

11. The Little Book of Drinking Games

Because who can forget the weekends

11 Gifts College Students will Love | Drinking Games Book

Barnes and Noble

Get your college student a book they’ll actually want—a book of drinking games. Drinking is great, but when there’s something on the line, it makes it even better. Let them get educated on the best games to get their drink on—responsibly.